Putin’s Plans for a Pre-Emptive Nuclear Strike Revealed.

Ann Carriage
2 min readJun 12, 2024

A report has it that NATO countries like Britain, the US and France are now on high alert for a nuclear strike hot on the heels of this latest turn of events.

Putin is taking to heart the views of his advisor Sergei Karaganov. He has Putin’s ear on this one might say.

The message is this; to avert a nuclear global apocalypse Russia must launch a first strike on its enemies. This strike it is said must be a limited one; and more of a warning really.

This is what is called the Karaganov Doctrine and this comes after NATO fears Russia’s nuclear Doctrine has been changed.

Putin has said it must be looked at as circumstances change. It is a living organ not something set in stone.

He claims the Russian Federation’s existing tactical weapons capabilities exceed that of the bombs dropped on Japan; by three to four times.

It would seem that this alarm has been delivered to NATO.

The report claims this is why Putin put Karaganov in charge at the IEF where he weighed in on this topic and took questions from journalists.

The nuclear debate has been aired in Russia for a while now; so the people there can understand what is at stake and prepare.

It seems Karaganov nurses other reasons for such a strike too.

He says this is what God wants. God would want Russia to start a nuclear conflict with the decadent west.

He said; God Almighty has shown us the way with Sodom and Gomorrah. If we don’t escalate, won’t we annoy even the Most High?

It looks like Russia is being stirred up for some unfathomable reason. Could it be prophetic?

He says the European nations have lost their minds and for the third time in one hundred years they are dragging Russia into war.



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