Pulling Off a Psyop.

What is wrong with this picture?

Promoted whistle blower Francis Haugen is leading the charge against her former employer Facebook; she accuses the company of pushing divisive content for profit and causing harm.

Her public persona is that of a campaigner of sorts not a whistle blower, so there’s that; just who do they think they fooling?

Besides, whistle blowers who have anything important to say normally travel incognito; they don’t swan around. Clue number 1.

Hagan’s claim to fame kicked off with an interview on a TV show called Sixty Minutes.

She is said to have leaked a trove of internal Facebook documents to the Wall Street Journal who used them to publish a series of damning reports last month.

What, the Wall Street Journal that super elite publication? Clue number 2 her cause is backed by big money.

She then sent the same documents to lawmakers and filed for whistle blower protection; with the Securities and Exchange Commission. As cover for a Psyop? Clue number 3.

So what was all this damning evidence about?

One Journal report was about how Facebook’s own research shows Instagram hurts teen girls, prompting a Senate Commerce consumer protection subcommittee hearing last week.

So basically it’s all about body image issues. I was worried for a split second it might have been something worrisome like sex trafficking or porn? Phew!

Clue number 4 trivial feminist concerns.

It’s one thing to study misinformation, it’s another to lose someone to it,” Haugen told the Journal. “A lot of people who work on these products only see the positive side of things.”

She explains this friend was lost to ‘conspiracy theories’.

Okay there’s clue number 5, no kidding. Like I’ve said how stupid do they think people really are.

Her ideal line of work is stopping the spread of ‘misinformation’ she has said in the past. Big clue number 6.

At Facebook she reportedly worked on the company’s 200-person “civic integrity” division, tasked with building a system to track misinformation targeted at specific groups of people; in just three months.

The project failed due to inadequate resources, Haugen said.

Shortly after the 2020 US Presidential election, the head of the civic integrity team told staff he was taking a leave of absence and that Facebook was dissolving the team by moving its staff into other divisions, Haugen told the Journal.

That same day, Haugen allegedly began talking to a Journal reporter through an encrypted messaging app. Clue number 7 aggrieved employee, clue number 8 she has elite contacts and clue number 9; this was all planned.

This is a feeble Psyop operation, a mind f*ck to push for greater censorship of the selective kind.

A stink by any other name would still smell as foul.

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