Prophecy Countdown in 10, 9, 8

Ann Carriage
2 min readApr 8, 2024


A watchman has a prophetic word for the US and its’ profound. The entire message for this week is called The Twilight Zone. You can hear it on YouTube. Here is a snippet of it. This comes a day before the Great American Eclipse so talk of it being timely and all.

Before I get to it, turn your thoughts to the Twilight Zone. What springs to mind? I’ll go first. It is the sliver of time between the going down of the light and the appearance of the dark. In essence it is the dying of the light. Here are some other meanings.

It is a world of fantasy or a state of illusion. It is a mind-set between reality and fiction. Like being of a confused mind. Finally it is a vague uncertain state or condition; similar to a no mans-land.

Now onto the message.

America, the darkness you will enter will be tangible, physical and undeniable

The darkness of wickedness is upon your nation by invitation, incantation, spells and the desires of a sinful heart

No longer will you guess or question the times

They like fire will be self-evident

No need for scholarly conjecture or the opinion of dead men’s bones

I will speak you will shake

I am soon to reveal my arm of judgement

You will know that I am God the creator of heaven and earth and all that exists in the universe

You know where to go for the rest of it.



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