Pro-Abortion Journalists Take to Blackmail

Politicians are subject to blackmail and in turn do it to others all the time. Now journalists are getting in on the act and their target is big companies.

They want to pressurize businesses to pressurize the Supreme Court to get them to change their position on abortion; on the heels of the draft leak that calls for the end to the Roe vs Wade ruling.

In essence they want to blackmail the Supreme Court.

One Journo tweeted; major companies from Walmart to American Airlines have largely stayed silent as the leaked Supreme Court abortion draft sparks outrage.

Since when is it the job of big business to weigh in on this issue anyway? It is not part of their paygrade they exist to sell products and services surely. Why must they promote your pet political causes; let alone intervene in judicial decisions that you don’t like.

This is the problem though isn’t it? While corporates should not do it they do, and they always come out on the side of the left.

Big business is seen as supporting the left and they have proved this to be true time and again. They are allies in actual fact.

With the result businesses are expected to get on board. This has not always worked in their favour from an economic point of view.

But still.

It comes back to the real reason why the Supreme Court Draft ruling was released in the first place.

It was to put pressure on the Court.

And activism journalism in tandem with activist corporatism was the way to do it in their minds.

We see what have been the fruits of the release of the ruling.

Number one; is the displays of outrage by Democrats. This is a ploy to rally their base in time for mid-terms.

Number two; Planned Parenthood pushing 750 million dollars from its budget into the elections.

And there is number three the fruit we have yet to see; getting the court to change their ruling. To help the plan along there are moves afoot to hold protests outside the homes of the judges who ruled against abortion.

Looking back one of the biggest mistakes made by the legal profession, then again it was most likely deliberate; was to award corporates with the same status as an individual (Robber Baron) by law.




I like my narratives uncontrolled, my news media independent and my research teams anonymous

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Cheryl Ann

Cheryl Ann

I like my narratives uncontrolled, my news media independent and my research teams anonymous

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