On the Move…….To Where?

In his address to Congress just days ago and on the eve of his 100th day in office, US President Joe Biden gushed about how he saw the future saying; America is on the move again.

He followed this up with more mantras; in America we always get up and……………. America is ready for takeoff.

Of course he didn’t say in which direction.

Biden pulled some absurdities out of his hat; we the people are the government ………you and I.

Not only a scary idea but one that’s all wrong.

All in all Biden gave a bumbling train wreck of a speech; only democrats gave it rave reviews and managed to insult everyone who wouldn’t play along.

The ‘luberals’ were in fine fettle as they hissed, spat and barfed all over Senator Tim Scott’s YouTube critique on Twitter; not even the least bit embarrassed about using the N word.

Twitter allowed the racist hashtag #UncleTim, a euphemism for the more derogatory Uncle Tom reserved for blacks who back the wrong side from a Lib perspective, to remain up for nearly an entire day, because just like Democrats themselves, Twitter isn’t non racial, they racists who meticulously use the race screed to advance their political agenda.

It proves what the lot of them are; if you didn’t already know.

I won’t go into the scanty details of Biden’s address, you can watch it for yourself; but I will make some observations.

Joe Biden’s proposals to stimulate the US economy by $5-trillion plus won’t do much for the credibility of the US dollar; other countries are keen to dissociate themselves from dollar-based global trade payment arrangements.

Despite the public façade it appears other governments want even less to do with this administration than the last one.

Another little inconvenient detail; the US is bankrupt so where’s the money to cover Biden’s stimulus package coming from.

Higher taxes of course; though even that won’t be enough.

The US is stirring the pot in Ukraine to provoke war, all to justify NATO’s existence and maintain its influence in Europe.

As the woke Jacobins continue to rage……Biden plays along; he calls the nation systemically racist and denounces “white supremacy” as the nation’s greatest domestic threat; literally fiddling while Rome burns.

There is no mention of the migrant crisis at the US border and other points of entry; the attitude seems to be, there aren’t any migrant surges; it’s all in your mind.

There are proposals to introduce another four migrant processing centers; another bad idea, cater to migrants needs and they will come in greater numbers than before; it’s not rocket science it’s logic.

It only makes sense when you realize that’s the goal.

Corruption rules the day like never before; government institutions and agencies are rotten to the core and unfit for purpose as the swamp reigns supreme.

The same applies to big business.

The Biden ship is rudderless, leaderless and drifting; with the next port of call……………. unknown.



Political animal, interested in the story behind the story. A concepts driven individual.

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Ann Carriage

Political animal, interested in the story behind the story. A concepts driven individual.