Nothing to see here; another RHINO Betrays the Party.

Ann Carriage
3 min readApr 1, 2024

With this move Rep Mike Gallagher has left the Republican Party’s fortunes to hang in the balance, and this is on purpose if it still needs to be said.

A short while ago he said he would vacate his seat and not stand for re-election but how this would play out was down to timing.

Had he left before April 9 it would have triggered a special election but it should be stressed this is the cut-off date. As he will now leave after this date, his seat will remain vacant.

These two will retire early; Mike Gallagher and Ken Buck. I should make it clear they are not the only ones jumping ship, not by a long shot. Otherwise there would not be this fuss.

Is this a scheme to flip the house blue before the November elections? Well many reckon it is and they do make their point.

One of them has said; this will allow them to pass a bill to ban Trump from contesting the elections via the 14th amendment. However, as Trump has not been found guilty of any crime this may be problematic.

When all else fails how about this scenario; the new all blue congress could refuse to certify the elections. For what reason would that be? Trump is a threat to the national security; or something like that. At the end of the day will the elections really be free and fair. It remains to be seen at this point.

Folks ask why the Republicans can’t force out Gallagher before the deadline. Well that is assuming they have the will to do so. But do they is the question?

For another thing a two thirds majority vote is needed to expel him from congress right away and there is the fear that there might not be the numbers.

People say billionaire Paul Singer is the one behind the Republican Party’s woes. That he bribed Gallagher.

Be that as it may there is more than enough compromise to go around without the extra help.

Seeing the party is for the most part compromised up to their eyeballs blackmail is another option; and it is open to anyone with the where with all who wants to game the system.

It works the same way for the Dem party if you wondering.

The only difference between them and the Republicans is they vote as a unit most of the time while the GOP is split.

Americans should realize the idea of Congress being we the people is a false one and the truth is it no longer exists in that way. It is no longer government for the people by the people. Congress does what it is told by the higher ups call them what you will. You might say it has been hijacked and yes along party lines. I should not have to spell it out for you by what party.

It has gone from congress hear the people; to people listen to and take your cue from congress. This type of thing did not happen overnight but nonetheless happen it did. Thanks to the big C word. That word is not what you think it is though it does play a big part. I mean corruption by the way.

Too many like it this way because they base as for the others put it down to ignorance; they don’t know how it is all supposed to work and could not be bothered to learn either. That makes them lazy as well.

Without going into detail big corporates, special interest groups and lobbyists are the ones who run the show. What are the chances their lawyers likely draft most if not all the bills. You can be sure this was not the way things were meant to work.

Reacting to the news on Gallagher Donald Trump says never forget our cowards and weaklings; such a disgrace.



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