Nordstream 1 and 2 Sabotaged; Globalists Attack!

This was a deliberate act, this was no accident this was sabotage. This is what is being said about the latest deep-sea damage to the Nordstream gas pipelines in Europe. These comments followed on the news that the pipe lines from Russia ruptured causing 3000 foot wide bubbles; and sending gas prices rocketing.

Three leaks were reported in Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines near Danish island last night and this morning.

Pipelines are said to be leaking gas into the Baltic Sea near to Sweden and Denmark.

Like it has been pointed out there only a few suspects who could have possibly done the job.

Honestly though, this one is something of a mystery, I don’t believe it is anyone of the usual suspects. There is something how shall I say, different at work this time.

At the face of it the US appears to have motive then again is this just how they want us to read it? Could this be a false flag to put the blame on the US? What is not clear at this point is why?

This is the work of the globalists though without a doubt.

True story; some would happily destroy things if it means they get to rule over the ashes.

The timing is impeccable; just over two weeks in the Bundestag an event was hinted at that would have the world talking. It was said to be on September 24.

Even more recently a Swedish daily online news site, Nya Dagbladet, claimed it had got its hands on an internal leaked document from The Rand Corporation; a US military think tank.

Said to be a ‘Research Report’ it laid out its plan to lay waste to the European economy and use NATO and the EU to accomplish it.

It never mentioned the Nordstream pipelines but rather focused its attention on forcing the hand of Europe to implement punitive sanctions against Russia. In so doing it would cut off its nose to spite its face.

The premise was that the US should destroy the European economy to save its own.

Again the timing of the article was incredible; it was published just over a day or so before the Nordstream attack.

It seems like they neatly provided the raison d’être for the event.

Which to me screams of a false flag? What do you think?

Then there is the thinking this attack is likely to buoy the European economy rather than implode it. Well at least in the short term.

Since the same time last year, the US has more than doubled the volumes of gas it is sending to Europe.

As at September 26; 1 Euro was equal to 0.96 US Dollar’s.

It appears we have now reached the place where the dictum, first trade wars then real wars apply.


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