New Study; the Left and Authoritarianism

Ann Carriage
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There has not been a proper study on left-wing authoritarianism as yet; the same can’t be said for the right wing mind you, but here is a new study that puts things into much more perspective.

Modern leftists tend to pooh-pooh the idea that they have a wide authoritarian streak, which is not the case at all as you will come to see. When in fact they are a far, far cry from being all air and light. If at all.

It has been said and often at that, the brains of far left extremists seem to be wired differently and the study picks up and runs with this theme.

Without further ado then; here is what makes up the dark underbelly of those on the extreme left.

New research published by Current Psychology is clear; and puts it this way. Those with Narcissism and psychopathic tendencies are known to be more likely to support the far left side of the political spectrum.

They say that what is called anti-hierarchical aggression runs rampant among these types of folks.

This is a type of hostility that is aimed at opposing what they deem to be hierarchal power structures; or authority figures. And it is this that fuels the violent political activism that we have come to know.

Researchers say that there are three correlated dimensions in leftism and they are. Anti- conventionalism, top-down censorship and anti-hierarchical aggression

It must be emphasized these types are statists at heart; they favour government forcing their policies on everyone else. This is what top-down censorship is; and they not shy to make use of it.

Researchers measured left wing authoritarianism by means of the LWA; or what they call the left wing authoritarian index.

If I may inject my thoughts here the left does not have a problem with power per say. They see everything in terms of power true, but to them there are those who deserve it, themselves of course, and those who do not. They also like to think they are non-hierarchical or ‘flat’; which is patent rubbish as every power structure comes with a hierarchy. Ah, tis strange how the Bolshevik bullshit propaganda sticks like poo.

These types are said to have high levels of neurotic narcissism in that; they are obsessed about how they are seen by others, have high levels of shame and a strong need for admiration.

Surprisingly, or not really, researchers could not link the trait of altruism to those who fit with the LWA profile.

Their support for social justice is not based so much on a genuine desire for reform; but to fulfil their own ego-cantered needs. This is known as the “dark-ego-vehicle principle”

“Certain forms of activism might provide them with opportunities for positive self-reinforcement and to parade their moral superiority: To gain social status, to dominate others, and to engage in social conflicts and aggression to satisfy their need for thrill seeking”

So what we are down to what? Politics driven by dark personalities who in turn drive bad policies for thrills; and those who identify with them. Can this be weeded out? And how is the question?

Calling all activists and allies; you are under the spotlight. Most of all we cannot ignore the thread that links all of this, big money.

This study, “Understanding left-wing authoritarianism: Relations to the dark personality traits, altruism, and social justice commitment,” was published online March 20, 2023



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