New Act Will Allow Illegals to Stand For Congress and More.

Ann Carriage
2 min readMay 9, 2024

How does this sit with you? The Biden Admin seeks to make illegals a permanent feature in the US government; yes it is true they want their votes.

The huge welcome mat hung up and festooned in lights and the feting of this class was not for nothing. It showed the Dems were serious. That they meant business.

Thanks to the Dem’s work with and through dicey NGO’s and so-called charities the situation has come to this point. The ground work was laid for a fee of course though in this case on the dime of the US taxpayer. It is a strange thing to have to say, but it was US citizens who paid the price for their own invasion. Now they will pay the price in other ways.

Just a few hours ago the House Dems voted as a bloc to allow illegals to be represented in Congress AND wait for it; in the Electoral College.

It is known as H R 7109 and goes by the name of the Equal Representation Act; and it has landed just in time, for this year’s big elections.

In fact Dems are so desperate to pass it that they busy twisting the arms of the Republicans; hard at that. As I write this.

If the Senate does not pass this bill Dems are threatening to add House Seats and Electoral College votes to areas that have the most illegals. And who knows how many this will involve? Or what the impact will be. This is a numbers game and it looks like the Dems are confident that they have it.

At this stage it looks like the number of votes for this bill to be passed will be close.

Stay tuned.

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