NATO to Head for Black Sea again Next Week.

Days after Russian forces challenged a British destroyer in the Black Sea, it’s been announced that a Military Exercise involving NATO and the Ukraine Navy will take place on the 28 of this month; in the Black Sea.

And a lot could go belly up.

There’s much more to this story as covert intelligence sources say there are detailed plans ‘within’ this Sea Breeze annual military exercise that could lead to war in the waters around Crimea.

Already the UK has dug in its heels in response to the Russian reprimand saying; the British government regards those waters as Ukraine territory, and does not accept Russia’s claim that Crimea has rejoined Russia which sets the stage for further clashes.

Russia responded with a dire warning; we can appeal to common sense, demand respect for international law, and if this does not help, we can bomb not only on the way, but also on the target. We are making clear to you right now a repeat of this type of incident could lead to a full military conflict with Russia.

The Sea Breeze Military exercise is expected to involve at least five thousand troops; a large contingent for a training session.

So the provocation by NATO continues, and Russia will be bound to make good on its warning at some point if it does not want to come across as weak.

Russia has just began a military exercise of its own in the Mediterranean Sea while they’ve just introduced supersonic interceptor planes to their Black Sea Fleet.

Meanwhile Sir Nick Carter chief of the defense staff has said the risk of an unwarranted escalation in the Black Sea keeps him awake at night.

He warned a “miscalculation” in the cat and mouse game with Russia could lead to full blown war.

Just in; It looks like a propaganda effort is in full swing in the British press to possibly lay the groundwork for war against Russia.

One article titled, Life in Hell, speaks of torture dungeons in ‘occupied’ Crimea where electric shocks and iron pipe beatings are the order of the day.

It also mentions that penises are clamped, WTF, nobody can make this stuff up; wait they just did.

Good grief this is bad even by trashy sensationalist rag standards.

I like my narratives uncontrolled, my news media independent and my research teams anonymous