More Jobs Lost to Robots This Year.

It was bound to happen; no it was predicted, under cover of the Covid 19 pandemic and in the name of the Great Reset 37% more jobs were lost to robots this year than last year.

In the first nine months of this year North American companies increased their robot assembly lines; while taking on few to no human workers.

Factories and other industrial users ordered 29,000 robots this year at a cost of $1.48 billion; more than at the 2017 peak.

If they keep this up in just a few years’ robots will outnumber people.

The luddites were right all along; but it’s not only the Fourth Industrial Revolution we have to worry about, they will push this at the first opportunity they get. A crisis like the pandemic won’t go to waste; you can bank on it.

Without a doubt the pandemic serves as the spur for their grand scheme; not only that it fast tracks their plans.

CNN says; the rush to convert to robots is part of a larger upswing in investment as companies seek to keep up with strong demand; which in some cases has contributed to shortages of key goods.

At the same time, many firms have struggled to lure back workers displaced by the pandemic and view robots as an alternative to adding human muscle on their assembly lines.

The fact remains robots are taking over all sectors of the economy.

For a long time automobile companies bought most robots; but in 2020 the combined sales of other type businesses out stripped this old model. And so it continues to now.

It’s not that auto companies are slowing down either; sales are up but other sectors from metals to food manufactures are growing even faster.

So goes the claim at any rate.

The number of jobs is not growing however, at least not for humans.

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