Sorry, Abortion IS a Moral issue.

Ann Carriage
3 min readNov 24, 2022


Forget the manipulative words, you must know that no matter how they spin it abortion has always been a moral issue. The trick is not to let those who defend it fool you.

The subject has always been a weighty one. Why, even those who agreed to it under limited conditions did admit to it being an evil; though a necessary one, at times. It is odd how the immoral side of it has been lost in the clamour for more and more abortion rights.

With this new emphasis on rights abortion is seen as a virtue of sorts. I mean when women view their offspring as no more than parasites how can it not? Parasites are bad so it is only right to want to get rid of them, right? Or to exorcise them the way one would a tumour? What is shocking is the lack of decency or shame. It is dare I say it, unnatural. There is no sense of natural affection at play. Or any sense at all when you think of it.

One thing is for certain US activists love their abortions. And they’ll take it right up until birth thanks.

Only last year a woman on Twitter decided quite out of the blue to end her seven month pregnancy; as she did not want to be a mother. She followed up her tweet with an article. She was casual as she related how her unborn daughter’s life was ended with an injection to the heart. For what it is worth she was not that young.

I could only shake my head in shock and disbelief.

The state of Michigan has come into its own with its special brand of pro-abort laws hot on the heels of the midterms.

It looks like they intend to vie with California and Maryland for the title of Abortion State USA.

With wicked witch of the west Gretchen Whitmore re-elected and back at the helm what did those who live there expect? It is ironic when one has to say the state was better off under Roe versus Wade.

The state has approved one of the most anti-life constitutional amendments till now; with Proposal 3 its name. This will make it even harder to reverse if this is the desire at some stage.

The amendment ascertains that abortion is a fundamental individual right; and it will be difficult to oppose on such grounds.

One source says this makes Michigan the abortion capital of the country. Talk about being known for all the wrong reasons.

Just like Cali, the state will become a major tourist attraction; for those from other states who want to abort.

It looks like Michigan is determined to roll out the blood stained red carpet for visitors from all over the country.

If you missed the news it is all about Reproductive Freedom for All. None of this was explained in the ballot though.

Then there is the fear about late term abortions and the question of who can legally approve them.

Please note the term health care professional is a vague one. That could be a dentist or an optometrist! You get the drift?

It gets worse.

A late-term abortion will be approved to protect the life of the mother; I will delve into this at another time, AND her mental health.

Mental health throws up a host of problems, as we ask just how subjective is this? Well we have a good idea and it’s not good.

There are other issues as well and concerns about where these could lead; like infanticide.

Then philosophers get to decide that just because a fetus is human it does not automatically mean that they have human value. They tell us fetuses, born infants and children up to the age of two are dispensable.

Then have the gall to want to dignify what they trying to peddle as ethics.

It is enough already!



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