Many Americans Choose Secession

In a shock new poll 52% of Trump voters and 41% of Biden voters want red and blue states to secede from one another and form new countries.

At least they represent those who would somewhat agree to the partition question; in addition 25% of trump voters strongly agree as do 18% of Biden voters.

But that’s not all; over 40 % of voters of both parties are in favor of abolishing the checks and balances of federal government to give the president greater control.

Then there this; over 75% of voters of both parties agree devoted supporters of the opposite party represent a clear and present danger; to the American way of life.

Some were hopeful that Biden’s election would herald in a new phase of unity given what went before-but it seems they were so wrong; and this poll proves it.

Six out of 10 voters of both parties agree that America is not a representative democracy but that the system is rigged in favor of the wealthy.

What this poll shows most of all is there is no love lost between the parties in the two-horse race that is American democracy.

What’s chilling is 56% of Biden supporters at least somewhat agree there is no real difference between Republicans and Fascists; while a whopping 76% of Trump supporters said the same of Democrats and Socialists.

It might come as a surprise to learn that 43% of independents in the Midwest and Great Lakes regions support secession; while half of independents in the South also do.

To the statement; the mainstream/conservative media might as well be part of the Democrat/Republican party had Democrats somewhat agreeing at 78% and strongly agreeing at 50%.

Oh and 88% of Trump supporters somewhat agreed while 71% strongly agreed.

So perception and reality are at odds with this one; but isn’t that true of most things.

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