Making Truth Irrelevant

Ann Carriage
5 min readOct 22, 2019


Speaking truth to power is risky as power has an aversion to truth but it is more complicated than this because right now, power seeks to make truth irrelevant.

Ask yourself what is the point of fake news, just what does it accomplish seeing that Three quarters of its content is under the ambit of making truth NOT matter.

Think about Russiagate and the latest Ukraine scandal as examples of irrelevancies.

Fact is truth has to be suppressed otherwise very few governments would survive.

Russiagate was an in your face constructed state-of-the-art piece of propaganda so patently absurd it was code for; see we can fabricate any story we choose because we control the narrative so you have to believe it.

Post-modern philosophy dovetails with this mentality because its premise is truth is unknowable, so why not reject truth based on ‘well we can never know everything’ because the assumed-guilty parties might be hiding something.

In this way, truth is lies, or that ‘ol chestnut conspiracy theories, while lies are truth because they who control the media controls the message.

A better way of seeing things is that both ‘scandals’ are part of a long running project to render the truth about our rulers irrelevant.

The DNC hacking scandal in perspective

First-up, mainstream media told us the Democratic National Committee (DNC) computer was hacked by the Russians who turned over the data to WikiLeaks.

WikiLeaks released the data three days before the Democratic Convention in 2016.

Here is something strange, before Julian Assange could release the information DNC contractor CrowdStrike claimed it found malware on the server as proof of a Russian hack.

As if on cue, the Russian spy with the exotic name Guccifer 2.0 stepped forward the next day to claim responsibility for the hack.

Suffice to say, from that point on the contents of the emails were deliberately overlooked by mainstream media.

Instead, there was a never-ending drumbeat of stories about Russia’s “hacking” of the 2016 election, which implied this cost Hillary Clinton her election victory.

That drumbeat has gone on for over three years, diminished but not completely quieted by Robert Mueller’s report and widely panned congressional testimony.

Yet it transpires there was no hack.

The Veteran Intelligence Agents for Sanity (VIPS) performed an analysis of the metadata, which is information about a computer’s operations, with a report on the analysis published at Consortium News website about a year after the alleged hack.

To summarize; It appears the purported “hack” of the DNC by Guccifer 2.0 (the self-proclaimed WikiLeaks source) was not a hack by Russia or anyone else, but rather a copy of DNC data onto an external storage device.

Institutions like the FBI could have conducted the same investigation but preferred to take the word of CrowdStrike at face value.

In another interesting twist to the tale, The Daily Beast accused Julian Assange of reaching out to Guccifer 2.0 inferring he was in the Russian camp.

Ironically, there is a Russia connection but not in the way the news website thinks, that is, it does not mean what they think it does.

While Assange mentioned being approached by an intermediary of Guccifer who offered him a deal on the ‘leaks’ he declined, but nevertheless the data was in his possession shortly after according to him.

What are we to make of Assange corroborating the ‘Guccifer’ Russian spy link?

The only other party that could have provided Assange with the data leaks was the DNC and investigations revealed its email files achieved a much faster download than possible with hacking; thus the data was most likely downloaded by someone who had physical access to the server.

In other words, it was a DNC insider job with Seth Rich not necessarily the culprit as so many thought and still do.

Rich was the fall-guy murdered to protect rulers and their special interests, in this case the DNC as well as the reputation of Julian Assange as the quintessential civilian spy as opposed to the ‘mocking bird’ kind, in the stable of the elite and its establishment allies, at least this is my perspective.

If you believe a picture is worth a thousand words the 2015 Economist magazine cover is an eyeful.

It features a gathering of the world’s global leaders including Obama, with a flutist in the corner playing to Putin’s right hand, invoking images of the Conservative Pied Piper candidates mentioned in the WikiLeaks leaks.

Something of a conundrum exists, because as much as the-powers-that-be like to cover-up inconvenient details they cannot resist ‘revealing’ their plans to those not paying attention, so hubris and imagery tends to be their downfall at some point.

Now that Economist cover was a cryptic clue right there, confirming exactly which American political faction coopted the Russians onto their team and by implication, it is not the Republicans, Conservatives or Donald Trump.

Psst, did you know Russia is the controlled opposition of the American establishment, a huge mocking bird on the world stage.

If not, time for some research.

Moving On

Although Russiagate could take years to play out in the courts, its sponsors won’t face consequences, of that you can be sure.

Trump’s trade war has not gone down well with rural states as agriculture barely withstands the worst of China’s retaliation.

This could cost him at the polls in 2020.

Should the stock market and economy tank, Trump is likely toast, even if he manages to escape an impeachment conviction.

Without a doubt, a Democratic victory next year would be a giant victory for the truth irrelevancy project.

I love the way one op-ed author put it; two scandals manufactured out of whole cloth will not only not have cost them (Dems) anything electorally, they will have further solidified their base, most of whom quit caring about the truth long ago.

Moreover, this is the nub of it all.



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