Liberal No More

If you think a side has moved maybe it is just you. Never has this truism been truer than for those who now go by the name liberal.

Or maybe they should be called ‘luberal’ to distinguish them from the real thing. This connection to lube fits nicely come to think of it. Ponder on the inference. I won’t spell it out.

They do try and pull off a good mind f**k you have to agree.

They can be summed up as rebels for many causes without principle or reason.

They the epitome of the egalitarian nightmare Hobs warned of, riding on the back of resentment and rivalry.

If the motives stink so will everything associated with it. Of course they will never admit to it in these terms but still……

The flowery language they hide behind does not change a thing. It is just the silk glove that hides the clenched fist, besides it can be felt.

This thing they call liberalism is a recipe for ongoing conflict with no end in sight. This much is guaranteed.

To have gone from John Kennedy to Joe Biden was like a fall from a great height, without any way to climb back up.

Everything they do is underhand, it has to be, they can’t sell bad ideas, so hide and push them when no one is looking is their tactic. Tons of money always moves it along.

And here is another thing; notice how these pseudo liberals are on the same page with every policy pushed by the elite. It is like they are of the same mind. Strange! Just how did this happen?

The counter-culture movement of the 60’s was co-opted and promoted by the establishment. It became the norm in other words.

It also managed to create the most gullible, lost, confused and alienated populace imaginable. One that is incapable of opposition. And nothing has changed, it has only got worse.

So yeah; this is the reason why they are on the same side.

They don’t have to worry about the man behind the curtain when he is on their side. That is why they statists, c’mon.

Also why they as emboldened as they are. Uncle Sam is their buddy Uncle who will take care of things and sort out those nasties on the other side. And the law will back the lawless so not to worry.

And boy does this current crop of liberals hate plain language that’s why they use double speak all the time. To sow confusion.

To them it is an asset not a liability.

Plus they have never liked anything they could not subvert.

Another goodie in their bag of tricks is brainwashing.

When Mark Zuckerberg the Facebook founder asked the lead singer of Pink Floyd for permission to use the song ‘Just another brick in the wall’ he was told to eff off, okay he used the stronger word. To which I add as all those who think like the Zuck might.

Pink Floyd was well ahead of their time in predicting the way things were headed to reach the Orwellian place we at now.

Take the line ‘we don’t need no thought control’? Are these people blind as well as deaf and dumb? How about ‘teacher leave them kids alone’ certainly apt right now. The lyrics were about them, so was Orwell. Numbskulls.

Now for some thoughts on the classical liberals. They were at least half-way decent people who supported freedom for all not just for their own special interest group.

Nothing was a zero sum game as it is now.

They were fair minded they looked at things from all sides without prejudice or favour.

They didn’t strong arm people to get them in line.

They said what they meant and meant what they said in unambiguous language. No muddy waters with them.

They took into account the greater good something that has long been forgotten.

They were not corrupt. They had principles and did not sell out to the highest bidder.

They understood their job was to represent the people. They stood for somethings without falling for everything.

They were not asshats with an axe to grind about everything.

They did not cause grief to those with beliefs.

Their fair mindedness did not mean they were pushovers either, people knew better than to take advantage of them or cross a line.

They were not traitors, they had one solution for them and I’m sure you can guess what that was.

They defined freedoms in constitutions; governments did not get to dictate them.

They were firebrands, always on guard and ready to defend their freedoms against all who would threaten it; fire and pitchforks anyone?

Yes overtime the old guard gave way to the simps and you know the rest.

For whatever reason they refused to hold the line so the barbarians stormed the gate.


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Ann Carriage

Political animal, interested in the story behind the story. A concepts driven individual.