Liberal Anglo Catholics in the Church of England Now Push for Change.

Ann Carriage
2 min readNov 14, 2023

About the same time Catholics address the issue of whether or not to bless gay unions so is the Church of England. So how about this for coincidence? There is more; right now liberal Anglo Catholics inside of the COE join up to press in favour of such a move.

In a bizarre twist to the tale they have united with like- minded others to form a new pressure group on the inside. Okay get ready for this. They call themselves Inclusive Evangelicals and they have created quite a stir.

Though small in number this is a social media group of about 600 plus; but watch them grow…. and grow as funds start to pour in from the outside. Then we hear 26 of them sit on the general synod.

They claim that to be told they should not use the term evangelical is political. Okay then so to try and defend a long-held boundary is political; while to try and remove it is not? Work that one out! They also think in some cases experience should trump scripture; which is not how Evangelicals see it.

There are a lot more differences over theology which I won’t address here but you get the drift.

Here is another point. Those who think evangelical is a flexible term that can be made to stretch like an elastic band sees it from the social side of things (sociology); a side that has no bearing on theology at all.

To those who say this particular issue is not a biggie or a creedal one they being disingenuous. So make it a big no to the first. Note also there was never any need to spell it out in the creeds as it was thought that believers at least, were on the same page. Well they were; up until now that is.

Some are sitting up and taking note as they start to lay out the natural order of things in drawn up declarations of belief. One of them is the COE’s Evangelical Council and many describe it as; a never-before seen marker of evangelical identity.

All that is left to say are drastic times call for drastic measures.



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