Belarus; Situation ratchets up

News; Sunday 8/16

Another large anti-government protest kicks off in Minsk today but with a twist in the tale this time round.

An equally large counter protest in support of President Alexander Lukashenko will take place according to reports, with talk of large crowds bused-in.

Now President Putin has weighed in with the ominous reminder of an existing military pact between the two countries.

Foreign interference in Belarus

All this follows hot on the heels of another bombshell, when on Thursday a representative of Russia’s Foreign Ministry claimed they have seen evidence of outside meddling in Belarus’s ongoing civil unrest.

Diplomat, Maria Zakharova in a briefing, accused ‘foreign actors of applying unprecedented pressure to destabilize Belarusian society’

At the same time, she mentioned Russia’s concerns about the ongoing violence since the elections and that they seeking resolution in the case of 33 Russian private security contractors arrested in Minsk last month.

Zakharova denied a ‘Russian connection’ to the unrest, and insisted the signs point in a different direction, with evidence shared with the Belarus government.

This is the first time the Russian government has hinted at the protests in Belarus being part of a ‘Maidan-like’ operation.

So far, like their western counterparts, they have been critical of the Lukashenko government.

While there is nothing new in these wars of words, time will prove if past indicators determine future ones in a just follow the pattern kind of way.

Watch this space………



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