Kyle Rittenhouse; they wanted a Sacrifice to their gods, that’s it.

Ann Carriage
2 min readNov 20, 2021


By now the networks, and everyone else, are humming on the news of Kyle Rittenhouse’s acquittal on murder charges for reasons of self- defence.

Make no mistake this was a political trial as many would argue he should not have been charged to begin with; that it should have been an open and shut case from the get go.

On the one side opinion is that justice was served while the other side claims he got off scot free because of the ‘white man thing’ which is a worn take; but nonetheless a disturbing one.

If it needs to be said this was no white on black issue, two of the people he killed in self-defence were white, as was the third one he injured.

Yet the rhetoric of what if those were black men is still floated. And if they were, would it make Rittenhouse guilty by virtue of his race?

Yet this is what these people are implying.

The question remains; why those on the left side of the political spectrum so spitting mad over the verdict.

Here is a clue.

Macabre fiction writer Stephen King succinctly sums it up; so ……the white guy goes free, is that the message?

So what are they saying here? Convict him for the supposed sins of his forefathers whoever they might be?

It’s certainly not about giving Rittenhouse a fair trial or sentence, they don’t give a shit about that stuff; they want to make an example of him, sacrifice him to appease the gods of their one tract racist narrative.

Even more disturbing its whites at the helm pushing this; gunning for whites (and blacks) they don’t like in the hope it will work to their advantage.

They want Rittenhouse to be their scapegoat and nothing less will send the right message.

Remember the scapegoat is always the innocent party.

The message to conservatives is clear; don’t get any funny ideas that it’s about justice, it’s not, and we will sacrifice you the first opportunity we get.



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