Keep Your Eyes On the Fires.

Ann Carriage
2 min readAug 22

What is going on with all these fires? This is a question anybody with a modicum of concern should be asking themselves. Indeed it should be the main topic of discussion at this hour and if not well then folk are in a trance.

Now let us look at the possible reasons for this strange state of affairs and weigh them up if we can. Then take a look at the whys.

As of now the Canary Islands is the latest causality in a long chain of such events. By no means does this mean it will be the last.

Here are the list of theories doing the rounds.

1) These are wildfires caused by global warming

2) These are fires set by arsonists

3) Weather modification techniques are what caused these fires and it goes by the name of geoengineering. What is interesting is this has been known about for some time but only reported on in the last few years.

4) Direct energy weapons (DEWS) such as lasers were used to set off the fires. There is an argument to be had this is part of geoengineering and it is likely to be the case.

5) The fires were set off by supernatural means. As part of the End Times and all.

This is a no-brainer it is to facilitate climate change solutions and force countries to go green as they like to say. There reports the Hawaiian state wants the federal government to hand over the land destroyed by the fires to them: now this is disturbing. Is land grabs part of this scenario as well? Now developers are jumping on the bandwagon too hoping owners will sell their homes to them; at least those who still have them.

I have seen some clips of the raging fires and it does not look like your standard fare. The rate these fires rage at is not normal. Also it seems to burn along a straight line which is odd to say the least. Trees next to the line of the burn remain untouched; what is all about? Remember wild fires are not called wild for nothing yet this isn’t what we see here.

There is not much smoke when you compare it to the degree of burning either.

Everything about these fires is fishy from the beginning to the end. There is much more to be said about this.

For now see you in the next chapter.

Ann Carriage

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