It’s a Breakthrough; Hilary was the Russian Asset!

There’s been a breakthrough in the Russia Gate scandal and folks it doesn’t get better than this.

Its look like Hilary Clinton was the real Russian asset just like some called it; the one who set up Trump way back in 2016.

A Wall Street Journal headline reads; Hilary Clinton’s Russian Helpers in reaction to the news that special counsel John Durham has uncovered evidence of Moscow’s attempts to influence the Steele Dossier.

Hilary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann has already been indicted; and others are sure to follow.

The gist of the story is that Sussmann was paid by two clients, the Clinton Presidential Campaign and a US Tech executive; on top of which he lied about it to the Feds.

Yes it’s complicated as these things are wont to be but the indictment joins the dots and makes the connections.

It notes the Clinton Campaign paid its law firm, who paid research firm Fusion GPS, who paid Christopher Steele who retained Donchenko as a contractor.

Think about it; the Clinton Campaign paid a Russian to gin up the core allegations against Trump.

Now, drumroll please Durham’s investigations have led straight to Joe Biden’s White House.

Jake Sullivan, a senior advisor to Biden has been named as playing a part in the Russian hoax.

A bombshell report reveals that Jake Sullivan is the foreign policy advisor mentioned in Sussmann’s indictment.

Will Sullivan be indicted next; as espionage charges are heard whispered about in the halls of power?

Questions like did Hilary know and was she involved in any way is the same as asking if water is wet. She’s a crooked politician for goodness sake; and a Dem Party one at that.

Now for the million dollar question; will anything come of this?

Look indictments aren’t warrants. What this means is a panel of judges have decided there’s grounds for a hearing by a judge in a court of law.

Will those involved be mysteriously disappeared? Or will those pushing this?

What I’m saying is will a court ever decide to hear the case; or is it just wishful thinking.

Time will tell in which direction this wind will blow.

Heads up is all I can say.