Is the US putting the Screws on Europe?

It is as if the European Union nurses a death wish. The latest round of punitive sanctions against Russia makes no sense unless the idea is to put Europe firmly on the road to economic ruin; and by their own hand too. So it’s a suicide mission in the making.

In a move that might well see the end of the EU; so political suicide as well. Although that is not a bad thing considering.

We are told all EU members are on board with the decision but that does not begin to cover the real story.

Next week the EU will impose a full embargo on Russian oil that will see the price shoot up to $185 per barrel. On the heels of this weekend’s French election too.

What is up with the timing? That is because they afraid the drastic spike in the oil price will push the election in Le Pen’s favor; if imposed before the election that is.

And despite western government’s hoping to cripple Russian energy production, loadings of Russian oil have been resilient thus far; with their current account balance at all- time highs.

At least according to the data of JP Morgan.

The figures show that Russian crude exports have averaged above pre-invasion levels as of this month.

Yes, the buying of crude by China, India and Turkey has offset some of the losses due to sanctions by the west.

As the data shows a full embargo on oil will impact Europe more severely in the short term.

While India has increased its purchases of Russian oil to the max; the question is how long can it continue?

Their action has led the US to warn India not to increase its imports of Russian oil.

Now here is that other side to the story.

The EU is not an autonomous organization in any way; just like with NATO it is controlled by the US. When it comes to policy objectives whichever way the US leans the EU has to lean. Just like on a motorbike.

A post world War Two idea the European Union is by design there to serve American goals; and that is the way they intend to keep it.

The thing is Europe is indecisive; on the one hand they want independence and yet….. while their public statements are at odds with their private sentiments on many issues.

They admit their political class is weak and that they need stronger leaders.

And for their part America does not trust the Europeans; as we saw with the German Spy scandal in 2014.

Right now the US wet dream is regime change in Russia so by extension it is an EU wet dream as well.

One cannot help but question the motives of the US in this instance. Are they sinister?

The desire to keep Europe and Russia apart on all fronts has long been the goal. Do they see this as their chance to stick it to the both of them?

Is the hardship in store for Europe seen as a type of levelling; to keep them in line? In a type of let Europe deal with it type attitude.

Russia is more resilient than the West realizes which makes you wonder if they have really thought their plan through.

Europe hopes they can stick out this economic war and outlast Russia. This is what it’s about; who will persevere to the end. Trade wars have a way of turning to real wars so the outlook for a good outcome is bleak.

The coming months promise to be interesting ones to say the least so stay tuned.


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