Is The US in the Midst of A Mao Style Revolution?

Ann Carriage
3 min readJun 5, 2023

It is a pertinent question when we consider the times we in and how quickly the culture has gone to seed. On purpose.

Yes, it has been a few short years in the making but it seems to have accelerated all of a sudden, and bam; here we are.

Sure the west in general is declining big time but it seems as if they are just following the US lead. They have too if they know what is good for them.

Traditional values are under attack like never before; it is safe to say a perverse spirit abounds.

Just like the Maoists who removed all vestiges of the old culture, the new revolutionaries’ dream of a day without (old) white people, cooling their heels until they die off and they at last get the dystopia; oops I mean utopia that they so desire.

It is no longer enough to just not like religion; it must change to suit people who insist it’s hateful. When more than likely it pricks the conscience, well of those who still have one, with the result they don’t want to hear it. And it is much the same for just about anything. You must change ……is the rallying cry, not us. Note that change is the operative word here.

Then again for the most part the American church has gone along and ridden the tide. There are only pockets of the incorrupt left; here and there.

The Mao revolution was first and foremost a cultural one; then there are the similarities between China then and the US now.

Also the US is in the midst of a cultural revolution now; and there is no two ways about it.

Now like then they use youth and women to accomplish their goals. In the US the same can be said for certain kinds of identity groups too.

Families of expats to the west are now speaking out and sharing accounts of that torrid time.

One of the first casualties of the Mao Revolution was free speech. Intellectuals responded to a survey on what should be the focus of the new regime in what they believed as good faith; with their answer of free speech. They did so without a clue of what type of rule they were dealing with.

The result was that from the get go they were targeted. Then they were vilified as being to the right of the Maoist movement.

And you know what happened to them. The rest as they say is history.

The reason the Maoists looked to eliminate those who held to the old way of thinking was so they could indoctrinate small children into their way of thinking from the start. Just like the spiel they give to parents still; no, you can’t indoctrinate your child that is our job. It is all about the unity of thought or being of one mind. Remember Mao’s little Red Book? It was the population’s version of the Bible. Strange isn’t it?

Then there were the women. This idea of feminine beauty was dismissed, women were meant to be soldiers to just like men. They were part of the revolutionary front now; the girly girl look was out the new male warrior one was in.

Not to labour a point or maybe it is; but beauty of the feminine kind as it were was cancelled from then on.

We know that both Lenin and Mao were the pawns of western elites. These two betrayed their own people to carry out their wild schemes; but for what reason we will never know.

For the elites was it so they could have a templet to work from later on perhaps?

Urban legend has it the western sponsors of the Bolshevik Revolution promised Lenin his country would have the chance to get their own back at some stage.

As in we will destroy your country but never fear you can destroy ours as well. But it is no biggie; it won’t affect us in any way. We the Internationalists don’t you know. It is just all part of the grand plan.



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