Is The Queens’s Death a Turning Point?

Ann Carriage
3 min readSep 9, 2022


By now you must have heard that Queen Elizabeth the second of the UK has died. Never thought I would have to say this but there is nothing like the death of a public figure to bring out the worst in people. It is the price of giving the plebs a platform to project their bile I guess. And for what it is worth it is uuu…..gly.

It says much about the dire state of the human race and the perilous times in which we live.

Dark minded simps bored out of their puny wits with their five cents worth proliferate at this time. Then there is the politics.

There is no denying the Queen’s death is an end of an era; especially for the UK. Maybe even for the rest of us. Could it be a turning point though?

So if you have a political axe to grind and or a personal beef to air take heart. It is the turn of colonialism this time round; so please turn to page 1001 in your CRT text book.

Come on you knew they would get to you eventually now the death of the Queen is their chance.

The first to step it up was Uju Anya; she is an associate professor at Carnegie Mellon University in the US, and an immigrant from Nigeria.

When news came of the ailing queen she took to twitter to wish her an excruciating and painful death.

There have been calls for her job and plenty of condemnation from all over. The thing is these people are emboldened and believe their own hot air and think they can get away with saying what they like. And yes the universities need to be looked at A.S.A.P.

Her university has distanced itself from her remarks and Jeff Bezos has criticized it too.

Look other academics are stirring things up as well; one of them is an associate of hers, snort, going by her twitter account. So while Anya stands head and shoulders above the rest she is not the only one.

There are just so many questions where to begin.

The Queen’s death has exposed the fault lines in the mainstream that have up till now been hidden. Have the woke and their allies overplayed their hand? Will Britain be more divided then ever and what about their relationship with the US? Will it tear at the seams too? I have seen plenty of vile tweets from one-eyed American leftists then they defend them with; well it does not affect us she is not our Queen.

Has the breaking point been reached over the woke like it did with France.

It is early days yet and the UK will no doubt have a period of official mourning followed by the Queen’s state funeral.

Is it time to broke the woke might be the question not too long from now.

In a weird nod to the question this is a turning point; a double rainbow appeared in the sky over Balmoral and Buckingham Place on the Queen’s death. Then there were the cameras on hand to record the memory for posterity.

Rest in Peace.



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