Is it Over for Ukraine?

It is over for Ukraine seems to be the consensus in some circles at least that is what my sources say.

Yes the global neocons or should that be the neoliberals want desperately to fight on; but the reality of the situation has to be faced head on, and soon.

It is a shame that evil people are quite happy for more young men to die all in pursuit of their political agenda. I’m looking at you Borris Johnson and others. But what to say other than it has always been this way.

Look this outcome was never in doubt only propagandists in the West have plugged and maintained the line Ukraine ‘is winning’ against Russia’; for what that’s worth and whatever it means.

The time is coming when they will have to put another spin on it for those who so stupidly believed their every word. Given their record they are more than likely to muck that up as well.

Whatever they hoped to achieve by throwing their weight behind Ukraine remains to be seen. Only time will tell what that was; and if indeed they were successful.

Now Zelensky is saying “must face reality” so there you go.

The word out there is that the Ukraine army is collapsing as defeats mount. Just yesterday the President of Ukraine had this to say; “Ukraine is not eager to talk to Russia’s Vladimir Putin but that it has to face the reality that this will likely be necessary to end the war.”

Here’s the thing; the number of Ukraine troops who have thrown in the towel has got so bad that the Ukraine legislature has voted to allow military officers to shoot those who surrender.

Ukraine soldiers have told the world on video that troops who did surrender were then shot in the back; and by their own commanding officers too.

But even commanders are deserting; they tell subordinates they off to a meeting then do not come back.

As more and more people realize they have been lied to about Russia-Ukraine they are speaking out.

An Archbishop spoke up from the alter in a Church of England service and told Parishioners; Putin is the only one standing-up against the New World Order and; Russia was provoked into this war.

In the meantime there is another bigger problem looming.

Weapons supplied to Ukraine by the west is being stolen and re-routed to the black market in Serbia. And American Stinger missiles are in the cache.

It is like a terrorists’ bazaar out there. So Ukraine wants to sell weapons to line its pockets despite having received 40 billion in aid by the US? Well something stinks like rotting fish folks.

It looks like Biden’s huge donation is already accounted for; but where?

Meanwhile reports say that former Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko has been spotted trying to flee Ukraine for Poland; in a Range Rover.

But there is more; the Prosecutor General’s Office in Kiev has announced that an Arrest Warrant has been issued for the former Chairman of Ukraine’s Constitutional Court; Oleksandr Tupytskiy.

On charges of …………wait for it ……….fleeing Ukraine.

He also has fled to Poland. So the rats are abandoning ship then?

It is obvious that Ukraine is unravelling so do not be swayed by the media when they tell you that it is most certainly not the case.

One desperate message on Twitter from a Chief Ukrainian Government spokesman reads; the situation at the front is awful for us. We are being taken out by long-range weapons. And we have nothing to counter the enemy.

The writing is on the wall.


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