Is Ireland’s Sovereignty on a Knife Edge? Yes I’ll Say It Is!

Ann Carriage
3 min readJun 18, 2024

Despite a spirited push back by conservatives in the recent elections many fear that nothing will change. It is a case of too little too late they say. It is not looking good for the Republic Plantation of Ireland as it stands. This part of the Emerald Isle is out of its cotton picking mind to be sure. Not that Northern Ireland fares much better at this point.

The number one issue for both right now is the push for mass migration at all costs. The cost to Ireland in the short to medium term is something else. Not to mention its effects in the long (er) term. And I don’t just mean the cost to taxpayers. Of course hotel owners are making a killing on their dime. One only has to look at the figures to see what they raking in. And this is just one side of it.

For the most part the problem with Ireland, besides stupid voters, lies with its own treacherous politicians. Okay what to say; well they are corrupt to the core and sold out to foreign interests. So what else is new huh? If Ireland had any sense at all it would hang most if not all of them.

The Republic of Ireland has been a member of the EU for what seems like eons, they chose this, while the North has a trade agreement of sorts in place. Okay to be fair the EU idea via the Lisbon treaty was rejected at the polls but steamrollered by dirty politicians on the take.

The big issue right now is an EU migration pact for which the south has to give the green light.

The odious politicians hid this at election time as they did not want to lose too many votes; but now D day approaches. This will be in the next day or so.

There will be no referendum but there is an attempt to rally the troops. Whether it will be successful or not; is just a question of time.

Ireland’s destiny is at stake with this one. A yes vote will see it hand over its sovereignty to the EU; and for them to do with it as they will.

Both the Attorney General and the government are determined to ram this thing through. This should tell you all you need to know.

Meanwhile Ireland’s migrant problem gets worse by the day.

They are now being dumped in tents in the rural areas of Northern Island as well as in the cities in the south.

Sinn Fein is nothing like its former self. There is new leadership yes; but it has been tamed and now supports every deadbeat woke idea under the sun. Neutered is perhaps the better word for what has happened to it.

There is a bigger story at play that may add to Ireland’s woes. Why is there talk now of a United Ireland doing the rounds. There is this vision of the North plus the South, of a dream being revived after so long.

It looks as if the intent maybe not to sell off Ireland piecemeal. The plan is to unite it and sell off the lot.

The next couple of days will be pivotal in deciding Ireland’s fate.

Keep your heads up and eyes peeled folks.



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