Is Divorce the Answer for the US?

Ann Carriage
3 min readMar 10, 2023

Many Americans say the nation needs a divorce, and quickly too. The topic is back in the spotlight again after a short respite so let’s hear what those in favour of it have to say.

Dems were most indignant last month when Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene made the call.

Greene called for a brokered settlement; a conscious uncoupling if you will of red and blue majority states.

What Dems would get out of the arrangement is no small thing. They would take with them the three most populous cities of New York, Los Angeles and Chicago as well as desirable coastal real estate. Yet some still scoffed at the idea.

Maybe they think there is no fun in it for them if they can’t laud it all over the unwilling; those who don’t want to be ruled by them.

To be fair there are those on the left who also wonder about America’s future as a married couple; and are of the view it does not look good.

One had this to say; the breadth and depth of the present threat to the country seems unprecedented in post–Civil War America.”

Then they use the term unstable equilibrium; check your physics, to give an idea of how volatile the country is.

The thing is though blaming Conservatives because they won’t get with the radical blueprint is farcical. Especially as this is the issue that divides the country more or less equally.

However it seems that both sides agree the country is in a dire state.

The split between the two halves of the nation appear irreconcilable; this much is clear.

They say; new state legislation on topics like abortion, LGBTQ rights, gun rights, free speech, and public health is making red and blue states radically different. No quarrel with this.

The thing is there is always the expectation that violence from the right will set it all off. Yet the violence from the left is unapologetic and in your face. They always have their reasons it seems but might not the other side as well?

I wonder why the left think that about the right. Is it because they know they pushing it, so when push back comes they will have an excuse to blame it on the other side.

It makes sense that even the left are calling for what they now call ‘purposeful de- federalization.’ The consensus is that federalism has had its day.

Achieving it will not be easy; it may take a bi-partisan coalition of candidates to campaign on negotiating its terms. This will mirror the way in which the country was forged.

While it is true, as Lincoln said, that a house divided against it cannot stand; a house built on a seismic fault-line is better off moving elsewhere.

People are already re-locating to other states that are more in line with their political views; which should make the whole process that much easier.

Then there are others who just take their political views with them which is not a good thing. But this will change down the line.



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