Is a 10 Year Old Prophecy Coming to Pass Right Now?

Ann Carriage
2 min readJan 12, 2023

The inclement weather in California seems to be one of a kind while more storms are said to be on their way in the coming days.

Over the past couple of weeks the state has been hammered by a parade of cyclones not yet seen before.

So all this is common knowledge by now but here is something you might not know.

Over a decade ago John Paul Jackson was shown a vision in which an incredible storm would hit California. This would be followed by the big one. You know the earthquake that has been long expected to change the landscape of the state.

Is this storm/s the precursor we might ask?

To be clear the atmospheric rivers pummelling California are not hurricanes; although this is what they are compared to. And by CNN no less.

There is more bad news……. it is being reported that another massive cyclone will “slam into the Pacific coast on Wednesday.”

One thing is for sure this weather is in no way shape or form normal.

Not to mention it seems to fit the bill as far as prophecy is concerned.

Now here is an interesting titbit of information; earthquakes along the San Andreas Fault can actually be caused by rainfall. This comes from an old Newsweek article which refers to a scientific study in this regard.

And here is an extract: Earthquakes along the San Andreas Fault in California are being triggered by winter rain and snowfall, scientists have discovered.

The finding is important as it helps us understand what triggers earthquakes — and when they are more likely to strike.



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