Internet Fact Spinners

A handful of congressmen left the Republican Party to join the Democrats during the civil rights era; but who would have thought the tale would form the basis of an ongoing urban legend all over the internet.

We know the Democrats of old were the bad guys, some were KKK members who supported slavery and others were top Freemasons.

But a lot of facts have been lost in the current mistranslation and this is a fact:

Democrat supporting (CIA?) trolls now insist the two parties switched sides in the early sixties; although they aren’t clear how this happened.

Maybe they mean their party members had a change of heart?

Although this view is still low on fact and leaves much to speculation.

They make the play they were the good guys who supported civil rights in its entirety, with Republicans the bad guys who resisted it (well except for the bad guys from the Republican side who joined them to become good guy Democrats)

It’s all a little too expedient wouldn’t you say?

So they had the good guy bad guy theme revised for posterity; obviously the new narrative quashed their troublesome past while it sullied Republicans; so hallelujah; and all that.

What’s in a party’s name anyway?

It’s possible to change parties without ever changing views, and more than a few Dems did just that; joining the Republican Party way back when.

So in theory there are RINO’s and DINO’s; Republicans in name only and Democrats in name only.

Although it doesn’t work in practice, DINO’s don’t exist, but the Dem party does have an ongoing love affair with subversion, which explains a lot.

Oh there’s that southern strategy thing they bang on about where they accuse the Republican Party of catering to racist white Southerners; but it was the same tactic they pushed in the civil war when their side were the out and out baddies, so what’s new?

Why should anyone take any of it seriously is the question.