In the Battle of the Ages it is the Perceivers versus the Projectors.

Ann Carriage
2 min readFeb 9, 2024


Let me nail it down there are two types of people in the world perceivers and projectors. This difference is why we have all this strife you have come to know so well. The two sides are opposites; it is clear there is no common ground between them. You could say that they are poles apart?

The human brain functions like a small virtual reality. It takes snapshots of the world and constantly updates them with info to better reflect reality. This is how we get to perceive the world.

We use our brains to navigate our way round it. It is our internal metric. It is also a distinct thing from its surroundings.

Now it is time to shine a light on that other kettle of fish; the projectors.

As the name suggests they look to project their own idea of what reality should be out there. They want to create one in their own image. An alternate reality if you will. They take their cue from their surroundings convinced it is reality. They absorb it like a sponge and project it back out convinced that this is how the world works. The perceive part is broken with these folks. The offshoot is that they very open to any and all suggestion. They can be moulded like putty really. This is a snapshot of what brainwashed looks like. Their brains do not take pictures; they rely on others to do it for them. Then interpret it. Ergo their cameras do not work. The whole darn system does not work pretty much.

Biologists say while we may think we are experiencing the world around us, and that it is set is stone; it is not. It can just feel that way. University students for the most part fail to grasp the concept. They fail to separate the idea of 1) how they see the world and 2) how the world is.

When this was explained to them a comon respnse was do you mean it is all in my brain. Well…. projected into your brain is more likely.

Their brains- the internal- and the world- the external- are to their minds one and the same thing.

Does this suggest to you a hive mind set?

Houston we have a problem.



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