I call it Green Terrorism. And You?

Ann Carriage
3 min readMar 6, 2023


What to make of the current spate of on fire food- processing plants and factories of all types. Then there are the train derailments with their cargos of toxic chemicals. Make no mistake these are not sporadic incidents. They are as regular as clockwork; and all connected in the grand scheme of things.

In East Palestine many blamed the aging infrastructure for the train jumping the rails. That said a controlled burn of the leftover chemicals had to be carried out to prevent an explosion, or so we were told. On top of this we heard the breakdown of its poisonous contents was not marked. What then if burning was not a good way to dispose of the chemicals? So they made it worse on purpose. If true this was a case of malicious intent.

I call it now; and I say green terrorism. The plan is to de-industrialize the globe. And it is gathering steam in the US like you won’t believe. It might also be an attempt to get people out of rural areas and into the cities; and off the farmlands of course. Like a la East Palestine.

Due to the sheer magnitude of these events what I will do is record the most recent first; then work back.

Wouldn’t you know two new incidents have just been updated to my newsfeed? Just like that.

· Yesterday March 5 there was another train derailment this time in Springfield, Ohio, with the same railroad company as last time

A shelter order is in place even as the Governor says he does not believe there were chemicals on board

· Also yesterday a massive gas tanker crashed in Maryland and exploded, the driver was killed and local residents’ homes caught fire

· On March 1 also in North East Ohio, there were several explosions at a metal fabricator plant warehouse with firemen responding

· On February 28 a train carrying 30 000 gallons of propane fuel derailed in Florida with Hazmat teams on the scene

· On February 26 three separate oil facilities across Mexico and the US experienced huge explosions all in the space of 24 hours

The affected plants were; in Veracruz Mexico, the Combined Maya plant of the Minatitlán Refinery in Veracruz and in Deer Creek Texas

· On 26 February a Norfolk Southern Train derailed in Lexington, North Carolina and a clean-up was reported to be underway

· On February 20 one person was killed and at least a dozen injured in an explosion at Schumann and Co, an Oakwood manufacturing Company

· On February 18 a boiler exploded at a Cleveland-Cliffs plant in Warren.

· Friday 10 February saw the big East Palestine train derailment disaster

Industrial accident like these has not been common in decades, yet they are now. That being said it is difficult to put any kind of spin on what is happening now. Especially on a scale like this and given that we are only into the third month of the year. Then there is last year’s tally not even reflected here. Nor January’s either.

Let me say it just one more time; suspicious is what it is.

Keep counting……



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