How Transgenderism worked it Out of Sight.

Ann Carriage
2 min readApr 15, 2024

Ever wonder how transgenderism managed to gain the level of public traction that it has? This was so quickly too.

Well the motto appears to have been lobby like your liking depends on it behind closed doors but keep it out of the public arena. Keep it under wraps was the warning.

How come the police are the new vanguards checking folks use the correct pronouns on X and using the threat of the stick when they don’t?

To shed some more light on this topic here is who is responsible; and how it all came to be.

There is a document that answers these questions. This huge file is the work of Dentons said to be the world’s biggest law firm; then there is the Thomson Reuters Foundation an arm of the old media giant dedicated to identity politics of all stripes. Last of all but not least, its name is right up there in lights; there is the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Intersex Youth and Student Organization (IGLYO).

The report is titled “Only Adults”. Then it goes on…..good practises in legal gender recognition for youth.

Its purpose is to assist Trans-groups in a number of countries to press for changes in the law to allow children to change their gender without the approval of parents; or any other authority come to that.

This is where we should sit up and takes notice of how policy is enacted and how politics works.

Get ahead of the government agenda seems to about sum it up. The overreach on the part of NGO’s is another. It is these groups that push the agenda. This is dictated by the top down and it puts the onus on the establishment to respond in a type of feed- back loop. They create the demand then governments’ provide the push for the demand. And it is all by design.

That and they hide it behind other stuff like same sex marriage. Can’t have the topic standing out, read alone.

Avoid the press, at least until it is a done deal also seems to be another motto.

This ties in with what is said in the report about keeping the agenda out of the gaze of the public. Can’t have them informed enough to put up a fight and all the rest of it.

They not even interested in trying to persuade folk which says a lot.

Which just goes to show they well aware that policy contrived in the shadows cannot survive in the light of day.

So this is how they run.



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