Terrorists For Hire Pull Off Big Attack in Russia.

Ann Carriage
2 min readMar 25, 2024


A large band of killers for hire stormed the Crocus City Hall in Russia just before a concert. They fired at random killing 40 while 100 were left injured. This operation appears to have been well planned.

On March 7 a short while before the Russian elections the US embassy there issued a terror alert with the proviso it would expire in 48 hours. The round-about way it was worded was also strange. Americans were warned to avoid large crowds and wait for it- concerts. So how many US citizens are still in Russia? Were they not advised to leave Russia a while back due to concerns of war in the region? Yes that is what I thought.

In any case it would not be amiss to put this down to a case of good ‘ol fear mongering prior to the nation going to the polls. Other western nations also got in on the act.

Now some reports would have us believe ISIS is responsible for the attack; what is more that they have claimed as much.

Here is what we know so far.

Eleven people have been detained as of now with four of them having direct links to Saturday’s attack. All the while investigations continue. FSB of the Russian Federation claim the terrorists tried to cross the Russian Ukrainian border; and that they had contacts on the Ukraine side. All the militants were detained within a few hours of each other in the Bryansk region near the border with Ukraine.

They had planned to escape though a square in the forest where they would be met by their accomplices. Russian special services fired on their get-away car and stopped them.

Here is a little of what we know about those involved in the direct attack.

Three of them hail from Tajikistan. Now there must be a cautionary tale in there somewhere.

I feel that a word about what was put out by MSM is called for at this point. There was mention of an attempted attack on a mosque in Moscow around March 7 which Putin was said to have laid at the door of ISIS.

Okay so this was pulled out of someone’s left earhole and you will see why. If you have not guessed already.

It was to condition folk to make the word association with ISIS in their heads. In fact these rags insist this was the reason for the terror alert by the US embassy in the first place. As they so desperately try to link a chain with this one.

True to form western leaders are now falling over themselves to declare ISIS was the one to carry out the dastardly deed.

This story is an ongoing one.



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