Here, Meet Trans-ableism.

Ann Carriage
2 min readMay 17, 2023

Could this be how shall I say, the start of a new protected class and will it be rolled out not too long from now? From what I can gather it is an extension of Transgender in a way, but let’s take a deep dive to find out.

We find out that Transableism is gaining a lot of attention lately; which is a cue for us to pay close attention too.

This is a desire to acquire a disability through choice; they are not born this way, but it is the way that they want to be. These people want to cut themselves but much more than this they want to cut off a body part, or two? To sum up they have a thing for mutilation at its most extreme. This is a new term for BIID or Body Integrity Identity Disorder. And yes it is said to align with transgenderism.

Hear this whopper brought to you by one news site. They want to scratch out a mental condition and transfer it to an advocacy list and give it a name; okay so we have seen this before. This will allow doctors to amputate healthy limbs, snap spinal cords or destroy eyesight. Wow, when they lay it out like that, words fail. They went on to call Transableism the next abyss. Oh my, how many more abysses can we handle? They right though.

Come to think of it; there are some downright peculiar mental illnesses that make the ‘list’ that you are left to ponder if just maybe it was made up on the fly?

I mean is it possible?

That said Transableism is not confined to the fringe. While there have been a few of these surgeries by

Rogue doctors, bioethicists now push for such course of actions. It has now hit the popular press too. Oh Canada, why are you always first in the que for the wrong thing?

That country’s National Post has just published a story on this soon to be trend with an article titled Becoming Disabled by Choice, Not Chance.

We know where this leads and its final destination but it is a whole topic all on its own. These Trans constructs do fit with it and this is the point.

Meanwhile we hear that the University of Ottawa will be hosting a conference on the said topic.

We define Transability this way said one academic; it is the desire (or need) to become physically impaired in some way. Whether this is to be deaf, blind, an amputee or a paraplegic.

Some say there is a difference in principle between Transgenderism and Transableism; and that no one will buy into the latter. Okay so the former is in the LGBT stable; and this is the difference? So then where is the principle? Anyone?



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