Here it is; a time frame for the start of a NATO Russia War.

Ann Carriage
2 min readFeb 7, 2024


While we don’t know the exact date a war will kick off we never will. The public won’t know till it happens, it will be like a bolt from the blue, but we have an idea of the wider time frame.

Poland has delivered a Notice to Air Missions (NOTAM) effective February 5, yesterday, to May 5. This is out there in the public domain. This NOTAM applies to the entire east of the country and will include the border with Belarus and Ukraine.

The reason for the NOTAM is; the possibility of unplanned military activity to protect national security

The Polish Air Navigation Services Agency (PANSA) has issued this NOTAM together with the Polish Air Force.

This means that all civilian aircraft inside of the zone must remain in radio contact with flight authorities at all times; so as to not interfere with the activity of military aircraft.

From this we can assume that Poland knows what’s coming.

They know military action by NATO is on the cards.

It also ties in with the warnings by some countries that citizens should prepare for war.

China is now also speaking out about a looming war with NATO. With so many countries saying the same thing round about the same time we should sit up and take note.

Remember the warning by Russia at the start of the Ukraine exercise? We are a nuclear power and our abilities are superior to that of NATO. If NATO declares Article 5 Collective Self Defence against Russia; it will be a war no one will win.

If this means war it will be a short one; as quick as lightning strikes. Maybe three months max or maybe not even that.

Russia’s news alludes to an attack on Poland’s east border airfield where the US has set up its Russian Special Operation.

This is where the patriot missile that hit the Russian transport plane carrying Ukraine POW’s came from. Can this be the reason for the heads up by Poland?



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