Here is Why the US Did It.

Ann Carriage
4 min readMar 8, 2023

With Nord Stream back in the news just like any good sleuth we have to look at the country that had the best motive to destroy the pipelines. There is no need to go in search of some obscure reason when the obvious is right in front of us. Just let the facts speak for themselves.

I love the skulduggery of Nord Stream; think about it, so much finger pointing so few answers. Come on, who does not enjoy a nail-biting who-done-it tale?

Now the New York Times joins the fray. Their take is either Pro-Ukraine troops or anti-Putin Russian Troops blew up Nord Stream. Now here is the fascinating bit. If Zelensky is found to be guilty they call it bad news for Ukraine. It is tickets for project Ukraine. Their own words. Now remember to stay tuned on this one. Does this mean Ukraine is about to get the chop. Will they be thrown to the wolves to protect the identity of the real culprits? Ha! Man I can hardly stand the suspense. Is it time to shout plot-twist? Okay now, let us focus.

Out of all the suspects in the Nord Stream debacle the US stood to score hands down on both the political and economic fronts. So without further ado this is where we begin.

US strategy is twofold. It is not only about preventing Russia selling its gas to Europe or making sure the US fills that gap.

It is about forcing Europe to rely on the US; and cut off contact with Russia. It is about keeping Europe in the American sphere of influence through NATO and the EU. It is about securing US interests in the region and making sure the US retains its dominance in Europe.

It is all of the above.

Just look at US foreign policy objectives in this part of the world to get a clear picture of how this all plays out.

Germany is the US’s bitch boy and their job is to keep the rest of Europe in line. At the same time they are under the thumb of the US. You might not know this but the EU (and NATO) are the tools to rule Europe and were so by design a long time ago.

The US is opposed to any co-operation between Germany and Russia most of all; the two share a culture for one thing. Let me just say the two countries represent a combined threat. And it has been this way since well before World War One.

Speaking of Germany Chancellor Scholz is the worst of the US pawns to date. The man does not possess a shred of self-respect this much is clear. He was probably in on the bombing of Nord Stream from the start, which goes to show just how much of a toad he is. A real cut off your nose to spite your face type of guy.

In any case the basic goal as far as Europe goes is to make sure the US stays in and Russia stays out.

US strategy works like this; it is to form a collection of pro-US EU and non-EU barrier states to counteract the influence of Russia; for the most part in Eastern Europe. This allows the US to keep those war games with Russia on the boil and to interfere in the affairs of the continent in perpetuity. The war games end however when the board is thrown over and Russia and the US lob missiles at each other. Like soon?

The US employed the same barrier state method against Iran that led to the Arab Spring just three years earlier. So the US State Department’s overthrow of Ukraine in 2014 might have been what? An East European Spring was it?

In retaliation Russia took back Crimea and the battle has raged hot ever since.

With Ukraine in the US camp it was a whole lot easier to step up attacks on Crimea (and Russia); with NATO right there on standby.

Then the US is accused of trying to de-industrialize Europe. The plan is to take away the farms of those who fail to comply with stringent ‘green’ environmental policies as dictated by the EU.

You could say that blowing up the pipeline was a form of environmental terrorism on the part of the US. As a bonus it just so happened to serve US political and economic interests as well.

There has been pushback in the form of protests in Western Europe; with anti-EU and NATO sentiments now rife.

There are the placards with messages like; Get NATO out of Europe and stuff the EU and Ukraine. Europeans are fed up to put it mildly.

The US benefits from Nord Stream by getting to sell their more expensive gas to Europe. On Europe’s dime of course.

Then there is the huge US war machine to which war is profit; so a NATO-EU war with Russia is where all this is heading.

A war in the Arctic means NATO gets to benefit from the Norwegian oil fund. So a NATO war chest waits.

So what comes next? Some pundits say ‘revenge’ by Russia that takes the form of an attack on a Norwegian pipeline. This would be carried out by the US or proxies; naturally!

Was the US expecting an attack by Russia following the big leak on the Nord Stream explosion?

Or just maybe the US plan is to do it themselves and blame it on Russia.

Some elements in Norway might be crazy enough to get behind such a plan. Like the many ex Nazis there.

Seymour Hirsh author of the explosive report on the Nord Stream explosions is under pressure by the PTB to name his source.

We will just have to wait and see if anything comes out of the wash.



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