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Ann Carriage
4 min readApr 3, 2024

Time for some wild but oh so true headlines in this the Wacky News Hour.

Barmy Scotland has passed the most overreaching hate speech law to date with as much as a seven year jail sentence for mis-gendering someone. Protestors paraded coffins to mark the death of free speech. It was a sombre moment all round. That was not all. Renowned author JK Rowling upped the ante to challenge the law and dare police to come and get her should she decide to set foot in the country. In a big win police claimed JK’s views do not constitute hate speech so she is safe; as those who support her let out a huge and collective sigh of relief.

Staying with Mad Max Scotland its far left Indian Prime Minister made a speech that managed to stick in the craw of many Scots. He was triggered by the fact that so many Scottish politicians are white. The comments alone were a bag of laughs. Should whites be outraged India is filled with Indians; and Africa with Africans? So he is offended Scotland has a white majority? His speech boiled down to this; the trouble with Scotland is there are just too many Scots. One commentator said the speech only serves to bolster the take Replacement Theory is real. Not only real but alive and kicking; and out to make itself at home in Scotland. The crème de la crème bit was that some Scots were first in the que to file a complaint under the new hate speech laws. In one small area alone police said there were more than ten. This one was against the Prime Minister and his speech. Oh the irony, isn’t it delish?

An earthquake of a 7.5 magnitude hit Taiwan today. There have been reports of extensive damage to buildings; but the full extent of it is not known at this hour. A tsunami warning has been issued. And the latest is that nine people have been killed.

Just when you thought things could not get any wilder it can, and it will. NASA will fire three sounding rockets on April 8 in the path of the great US eclipse. The project as they call it goes by the name of APEP or ADOPHIS; so named after the Serpent Deity of Chaos, Death and Disorder.

Now for barmy- army country number 2 and this would be Ireland. The country has granted asylum seekers the right to vote. Here is how it will play out. The identity cards Ireland issues to its refugees and asylum seekers will help them in an even bigger way; though that does depend on how one sees it, and that would be either negative or positive. They can now use these cards to vote in elections. Of course they thrilled. Why would they not be?

Now scientists say places in the UK might be able to view a partial US eclipse; this will be just before sunset. This will apply to parts of the UK and Ireland.

And here they are.


· Londonderry: 21.5 per cent

· Belfast: 17.3 per cent

· Glasgow: 11.2 per cent

· Edinburgh: 6.1 per cent

· Aberdeen: 4.2 per cent

· Liverpool: 0.64 per cent


· Belmullet: 44.2 per cent

· Galway: 35.5 per cent

· Dublin: 15.5 per cent

Riots are breaking out in the Turkish city of Van. Yes it is election time again. They say the Dem Party has won the mayoral election but the electoral body won’t acknowledge it. They have given the win to Erdogan’s party instead. Look it may look fishy on the surface but Turkey has problems with certain foreign nations trying to put a spoke in the wheel. This is a repeat of the same old same old……tactics. There is nothing to see here.

Now back to the Twilight Zone we go.

Austen’s blood donor service, We Are Blood requests emergency deposits ahead of the eclipse on April 8th. Just what are they expecting? Violence, accidents or what? Take note this is for a four minute eclipse.

The 2024 US elections have been summed up as a toss-up between two main issues on the left; this is the way conservatives see it.

In one corner there is the Abortion Army; and in the other there is the Border Blood Bath Army. So the second is due to the attendant violence. Then there is the first. Abortion without limits uptill birth is a bloodbath when and wherever there is this great demand for it, no? So they are both bloodbath issues? It does make sense.

They are right about them being the main issues though.

One news site claims voter registration sans a photo is becoming more of a factor as the voting drags on. This is happening in places where it will affect the outcome the most; in key swing states.


CIA has purportedly informed Israel that IRAN WILL ATTACK the Jewish State within the next 48 hours… DEVELOPING..



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