Here is to you Kat Von D; a look at Conversion.

Ann Carriage
3 min readNov 15, 2023

We told Christian conversion is about change, as in changing one’s mind, but this is not quite the half of it.

It’s about changing one’s mind about God where before we were nonchalant at best.

After a time of feeling off, dissatisfied, thoughts of God start to infuse our thinking. He begins to take up space in our heads. We want to touch base with Him but there is this sense of where do I start, I have no idea. Then thoughts turn to longings as we get desperate.

Then out of the blue some clarity from heaven well sort of, except we don’t know yet we on a journey. It is one we have to see through wherever it leads. At last we realize one thing. This is the right track at least.

Conversion is where all our pre-conceived ideas and expectations of God go out the window and we left with okay; I will follow you lead on. I am ready to learn from you firsthand. Of course this does not stop us from studying and learning further.

I am convinced this is the point we really start to die to self. Looking back who remembers the mysterious part when we could feel something was dying; we just did not understand the how and why part of it.

For some the outward changes are plain to see and dramatic for others they more internal but no less dramatic. For me it was the latter where my thinking underwent an about turn.

One well known tattoo artist and parlor-owner has this to say. ….. You have no inkling of where my mind and heart were at. She no doubt means prior to and after her conversion.

People on all sides have been surprised to hear of Kat Von D’s fairly recent conversion to Christianity. This came to light when a video of her baptism did the rounds on the ‘net. She has been interviewed since then a few times.

She is spot on when she describes conversion as an internal spiritual shift. I like to call it a spiritual awakening. The scriptures call it being born from above.

I can only speak for myself but what I will say is conversion was a process. It was not down to one aha moment there were plenty of aha moments along the way. What I found was my understanding of theology lagged way behind the experiences in the here and now back then; so I had a lot of catching up to do. The pieces did start to fall into place though.

Kat Von D has said she did not get baptized to be converted she already was; it was to seal the deal. This is what baptism is.

Conversion really is the pinnacle the veritable mountain top experience where we get a glimpse of whole new world.

The waters run deep though and many people prefer the shallow end of the pool.

Of course we should mark these conversion experiences; they a joyous reminder of how we got to where we are. As we pause to reflect.



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