Herds of Animals are in a Trance- Why?

Take a look at this story; we are being told that large herds of animals have been captured on film walking round and round in circles, in what may appear to be a trance-like state.

It is a phenomenon that has taken the internet by storm in recent days and rightly so. It is a mystery though.

Then there are the pictures. Of animals, insects and birds going round and round in circles all over the planet.

Speculation is rife and only to be expected given the oddness of it all.

Some explanations for it are; disease, changes in the earth’s magnetic field, the quality of the feed, parasitic brain worms, experiments at CERN, a coming pole shift, or spikes in electromagnetic radiation

That something weird is going on there is no doubt but will we find answers soon?

It began in early November when a flock of sheep in northern China began walking in circles. Over and over again.

A small group started it but then they were joined by the rest of them.

This went on for almost two weeks, and the footage spread rapidly; all over social media.

Even large corporate media outlets have been talking about it; though they have decided it must be a joke of sorts.

So over to the …ahem… experts. Frustrated sheep that had been penned for so long one said.

But what of the others, remember this action has been found in birds and insects as well.

There has to be a common denominator somewhere.

One article blamed it on viral-diseased pigeons in the UK, describing them as; circling like zombie-like creatures.

This disease is known as “pigeon paramyxovirus”, and we are told that it “can affect pigeons, doves and poultry”

Have a look at some of the many videos doing the rounds.



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