Is The Divine Deal With A Founding Father Now Off?

Ann Carriage
3 min readFeb 13, 2024

Forget the arguments about whether America’s Founding Fathers were Christian or not; while some may have been others were not. We don’t know the numbers on each side but it appears as if they may have been a mixed bag; more like one of odds and sods. There has been talk some may have been Free Masons, but again we don’t know.

This idea of one nation under God is I think due to George Washington rather than anyone else.

Would you believe it was all based on a divine visitation that he was said to have had.

One day Washington headed to his office to catch up on some work and gave orders to not be disturbed.

While writing some important letters at his desk he looked up, only to find he had a strange visitor.

A ‘beautiful woman’ stood a little way off from his desk as she stared intently at him.

For a little while she said nothing, she just stood there and looked at him and then she began to speak. She addressed him as son of the Republic. The gist of what she said went like this. America would face many challenges to the form of government in mind. When all was said and done the three greatest threats would be; the revolutionary war, the civil war and mass migration or immigration.

She emphasized that while all of these threats were serious the last would be the greatest threat of all.

So America enters its final phase as we see it play out in real time. Many people are of the view that this battle has been already lost. The sheer magnitude of the problem is such that those who object fart against thunder. Many are convinced that this is a planned invasion and honestly; reading the reports there is a lot to support it.

It is a case of too late too late she cried.

Now back to our story.

The visitor went on to offer the option of divine protection; though this was only on one condition. That America be united as one nation under a republic and give God His due.

If this condition was not met the offer would be withdrawn; at any time. As he left his office George Washington had a lot to think about. In an account of the story he was said to be pale, and even more preoccupied than usual. And yes; he did tell the story to one of his closest associates. Who then wrote it down for posterity.

Now fast forward to America 2024 where the country has passed the crossroads. It’s into borrowed time now. The die as they say has been cast.

The land is no longer united and it is no longer a Republic. At least that much is clear. The two sides can’t even agree on how to interpret the constitution for goodness sake. They can’t agree on anything. Oh sure the D for democracy word is thrown around a lot but it does not amount to a hill of beans.

Has the offer of divine protection been withdrawn? Has the Divine removed his hand? To an observer; yes He has.

Here is something you might find interesting.

In the year 2022 if I recall there was a storm in Washington DC. So there are always storms there but this one seemed how I shall say, a bit intense. Never ignore signs they send a message and may tell a story.

Lightning struck right at the top of the United States Capitol Dome; the one that was commissioned by George Washington.

There were the pictures. It must be said they were eerie. What people saw was the dome lit up and bathed in a green and ghostly glow.

What message can we take from this?

Sorry George but that deal is off.



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