France’s New Strategy to Fight the Woke.

France now looks to Ancient Greece for inspiration in an all-out-effort to fight wokeism.

France heads the charge; and is taking up the cudgel on behalf of Europe in the intellectual fight against the woke.

Just last month, the education minister set up a think tank dedicated to President Emmanuel Macron’s war on wokeism.

In the latest news there are plans afoot to introduce the teaching of ancient Greek and Latin, as well as the study of the ancient philosophers; to develop the culture for France’s young.

Speaking at a charter signing alongside counterparts from Italy, Greece, and Cyprus, the education minister endorsed their joint commitment to promote the classics.

Blanquer went on to say; this is an important move at a time when ancient languages are being threatened by American wokeism.

His statement refers to the decision by Princeton University to do away with the study of ancient Greek and Latin in its classical course.

What was the reason for Princeton’s decision?

A claim by an associate professor of theirs who said; these ancient languages were used to justify slavery, colonialism and fascism for 2,000 years.

Yes you read correctly.

In a similar move, a Massachusetts high school boasted that it had removed Homer’s Odyssey from the school curriculum as it conflicted with the anti-racist agenda it wanted to teach.

“Very proud to say we got the Odyssey removed from the curriculum this year,” a teacher wrote on social media.

The French minister believes ancient languages are a common bond for contemporary European nations, and notes it would help spread “common values.”

Blanquer also claimed the classics respond to a demand for logos (language as a tool for reason), in a world where “a lack of reason is spreading like wildfire.”

French president Emmanuel Macron has condemned the woke in the strongest terms in the past, calling it an existential threat, not just to France, but to western civilization.