Final Countdown in 1…2…3

Americans are nervously counting down the days until the election on Tuesday so is the rest of the world because any change or no-change in the Oval Office affects everyone one way or another.

Afterwards there’s the agonizing delay before all the votes are tallied and who knows how long that could take, so hunker down and stay close to your T.V.’s, P.C’s and laptops.

The entire spectacle is the dream of all political fundi’s and news junkie’s so don’t get so wrapped up in the bulletins you forget to get some shuteye and eat properly.

Trying to predict the outcome is a tough one as both sides are convinced they onto a winning streak.

The polls are of no help, it seems they only serve to validate the confirmation biases of both parties, but yes, this is a major two- horse race.

Another thing is people are notoriously reticent about revealing whom they’ll vote for so can’t rely on their word for it.

The turn- out at political rallies is no indicator either as both sides have very different approaches to the pandemic, which is all it indicates.

Trump’s popularity has plummeted since the heady days of the 2016 election but will it reflect at the polls, compare it against the violence of BLM-Antifa protests in some cities and the equally violent rhetoric of the left on social media to get a better perspective.

Then, there is the fallout from the Covid-19 pandemic to consider, it has made many people, especially the elderly and vulnerable anxious, so this could be a big factor.

The younger generations are mostly liberals so if voter turnout is high for this demographic they could swing the vote to Biden.

If women who voted Republican last time decide to dump Trump this time round, it will affect the vote considerably as they comprise a sizable part of the electorate.

Yes, there have been reports about murmurings of dissatisfaction among former Trump women, whether it’s true or not, can’t know for sure.

If true, can’t help but wonder if the fear that legalized abortion might be a thing of the past is responsible for this turn around.

If Donald Trump’s religious support base is thinned it will not bode well either.

Based on one report that said 90 million people have voted so far, it has been forecast the U.S. is on track to record the highest turnout in an election since 1908, which is amazing in itself.

The question is will this high turnout work in the Dems or the Republicans favor.

The enigma that is Donald Trump guarantees fierce loyalty from his supporters but also equally energizes his opponents.

Will he prevail this time or go down in history as America’s most divisive one-term president.

We shall see as they say.

I like my narratives uncontrolled, my news media independent and my research teams anonymous