Even in Gaza Right now Muslims have Dreams of Jesus.

Ann Carriage
2 min readNov 20, 2023

It is a new atheist canard that religious beliefs are wholly dependent on the country one was born in and/or the family in which one grew up. To its adherents it is all set in stone. Agency is not and will never be a feature. Adult conversions simply do not happen; and not across the faith divides. The thinking goes along the lines of never do the sides touch.

We know the main way that those who have no knowledge of Christianity come to faith are through dreams. These dreams appear to be of a supernatural nature. They are more revelations as they impart things that they could not have picked up any other way. Many such experiences are on record in many forms. That they are pooh-poohed by atheists new and old mean does not change a thing.

Then there is this story. More than 200 Muslim men in Gaza are now Christian; and it is all because of a dream they had. And to think this took place round about the same time too.

In a post Underground Christian ministries of the Middle East provides the details of this huge and public turnaround.

In fact it is part of a bigger story as we find out that Muslims all over the world are having dreams of Jesus; and what is more converting at a never-yet-seen-before rate.

Some are saying that something like this has not been seen before; at least not in 1400 years.

So here is one in the eye to all those skeptics out there.



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