Erdogan’s words show Israel (and maybe the US) is in Trouble.

Ann Carriage
3 min readNov 3, 2023

You just know your country is in trouble when Muslim leaders everywhere warn of dire consequences in the Israel Hamas conflict. More than this when the outcome of all is not likely to rule in your favour.

We see how this plays out with Egypt and Jordan’s red line should Israel seek to displace Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

In the US this war has both US Dems and Conservatives divided as well. As of today we hear Yemen has declared war on Israel; this from an army spokesman.

Let’s stay with red lines as Iran’s president says Israel has crossed one and he warns what is to come will involve everyone.

To top it off Turkey’s president Erdogan weighs in with some telling musings that right now he signs off on with a threat.

“Israel will not achieve anything by raining bombs on children’ irrespective of ‘whether the US is behind you or not’” then he said O Israel, this West owes you a lot, but Turkey does not!

He went on; we will do everything against Israel, even if it involves the military should it come to that.

Then he gets cryptic; when the powers Israel relies on today are gone tomorrow, the first place the Israeli people will look to for help will be Turkey; just like they did 500 years ago.

From the Express UK there is this. Erdogan threatens to declare war on Israel; and send military to Gaza.

He said in a speech at a pro- Palestinian rally to wild cheers; Turkey can come unexpectedly at any night. Hardly the news anyone wants to hear as Turkey has the largest army in NATO.

Many agree that a protracted war in the Middle East against a united Arab front will not be in the interest of Israel; or the US come to that. This is where the reality of such a situation could bite hard.

Then we hear that Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife have fled to a secluded luxury mansion; and it is one of those that come with a deep nuclear bunker.

The mansion is owned by US billionaire Simon Falic and it is decked out with high security from top to bottom.

What you have to understand is this type of structure is not the norm in Israel.

And so the PM runs. He abandons the nation and leaves it to its own devices.

Do I have to say the country is not happy about this? Neither are they happy with how Hamas was able to breach Israel’s borders and cause so much mayhem.

On the news of Netanyahu’s bail out one was to say; I don’t know how this is even legal.

The Middle East is exploding in escalations reads one headline. As of now it has never been truer.



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