DOJ Withholds Evidence in Jan 6 Trials.

We are told that the Department of Justice is keeping back potentially exculpatory evidence for individuals criminally charged in the Capitol Hill breach that took place at the beginning of the year.

For those unfamiliar with legal jargon what this means is that; the evidence likely to prove their innocence is being held by and kept secret by state prosecutors.

Acting United States Attorney Channing D. Phillips hints this is the motivation for keeping more than 14,000 hours of documentary footage of the January 6 events out of the hands of defense attorneys and the public.

Refer to United States v. Couy Griffin.

The prosecution sought to waive the defendants’ right to a speedy trial.

The defendant was released on his own personal recognizance on February 5, 2021.

Then on March 18, 2021, the United States filed a motion for a 60-day continuance of the proceeding, according to the court filing.

The government’s reasons for the continuance motion went like this; because the events of January 6 were so complex and sweeping it would make the immediate legal proceeding impossible or result in a miscarriage of justice.

Then the defense called the prosecution’s bluff. The U.S. attorneys did not want to give the defendant a speedy trial because they have other concerns.

The defense claimed there was nothing complex about his case, which ‘actually involves pictures of [him] with a bullhorn on the Capitol steps,’ arguing the government had mischaracterized its own ‘logistical and manpower burdens’ as a complexity created by the case itself.

They essentially accused the government of weaponizing the STA ‘to strategically manage which trials and cases it wishes to put forward to the public first’.

The prosecution then admitted that they possess some evidence in support of the argument that law enforcement authorized defendants (including Defendant) to enter the restricted grounds, e.g., images of officers hugging or fist bumping rioters, posing for photos with rioters, and moving bike racks” etc.

But the Acting United States Attorney said they are not in a position to state ‘whether all such information has been identified’.

This all sounds very fishy.

In other words they have evidence that would count in the defendant’s favor but they aren’t releasing it.

But most of all this footage will provide clues that potential FBI agents and other undercover officers worked the extremist groups in the January 6 crowd.

Or expose the agent provocateurs at work you could say.

At least one undercover agent with the Metropolitan Police Department was confirmed by a Jan. 6 court filing.

In the case of the so called January 6 insurrection the cover up appears worse than the crime.

The DOJ has not charged any of the 557 defendants with treason, insurrection, or an attempt to overthrow the government, a legal fact that stands in stark relief with the exaggerated claims being made by the U.S. government.

However the prosecution has managed to shave charges of felonies into petty misdemeanors.

One source says; the Department of Justice appears to have politicized the charges against the Jan. 6 defendants for effect.

This is not consistent with “justice,” this is the weaponization of the nation’s highest law enforcement agency to do the bidding of the dominant political party.

The Real Coup

What it is consistent with though is the idea the real coup occurred one year before the 2020 elections without so much as firing a shot.

I’ll put it to you your honor this was a deep state coup to seize and shore up the courts via the DOJ Swamp.

The reason for this was to unconstitutionally change voting laws and requirements and to fend off legal challenges of election fraud.

It was no accident the Supreme Court ruled it would only hear electoral fraud cases after Biden’s inauguration.

The insurrection on January 6 was just a huge distraction and cover up after the fact.

The moment Donald Trump gave the green light to protest election results the usual intelligence operatives sprang into action.

It was the perfect opportunity for a False Flag Operation!

There are more moles than men in any insurrection, and the moles plan the way and lead the charge.

It is government that’s guilty of treason.

We need to know who paid the actors at the Capitol that day and follow the money.

I hope the ones who said they were paid don’t Epstein themselves.

This was planned no doubt.

The DOJ’s case is basically over if the Capitol police are the ones who allowed people in, helped them in, beckoned them in, and or aided their entry in any way.

The institutions have gone rogue and that’s also a fact.




I like my narratives uncontrolled, my news media independent and my research teams anonymous

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Cheryl Ann

Cheryl Ann

I like my narratives uncontrolled, my news media independent and my research teams anonymous

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