Did You Notice THIS at the Coronation?

Ann Carriage
2 min readMay 10


If you were one of those glued to their TV set watching the coronation you might have caught sight of something very strange; or maybe you missed it.

Those who noticed are still talking.

A weird figure in black that everyone says looked like the Grim Reaper walked across the entrance to Westminster Abby. How about that?

It was all so casual like.

Really now just what was this supposed to mean?

No protestor would have got so much as near the Abby with the tight security that day. So what gives? All in plain sight too.

This image was a sign and signs always come with a message. First of all one has to decode the sign to crack the message.

The video was posted to Twitter and the comments were wild. Some blamed it on the Harry Potter Series; others said it was Megan Markle in disguise.

On a more serious note the King’s New Age views took a beat.

Then many people said it could have only been a witch.

This in response to a report by The Sun that said witches were casting spells for good weather and the health of the monarch.

There was mention of the King’s connection to the Free Masons too.

What about the Green Man on royal invites. It has been said to be a mystical pagan symbol of rebirth.

As is usual with this type thing there was an attempt to debunk the mystery.

One source said they had checked out the story with the Abby and were told that it was someone who worked there who was not part of the religious community. In other words nothing to see here.

They have to be kidding is that normal work attire for staff even the non believing sort.

Go on, pull the other leg it has bells on it.

Okay here is an update on another ‘coronation event.’



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