Did he just let slip the ‘Antichrist’?

The talk of problem, reaction, solution is all the rage right now behind the huge drapes on plantation planet. It goes like this; he has a big plan to solve a big problem. Yah him!

Prince Charles as many know is passionate about the cause of a green sustainable world, indeed it could be said it is an obsession with him, so it’s no surprise he was one of the main speakers at the recent COP26 Summit.

The man had a lot to say; as you’ll see. He dropped some bombs as he gave a glimpse of what lies in store. Need I say none of it sounds good?

The future King of England’s speech was given little coverage by the press; and in some instances it was aired only to be taken down a short while later, an odd move when you think about it. But then again given his content; not so much.

To an audience of mostly heads of state Charles kicked off his address.

First he mentioned that many countries are burdened by debt and cannot afford to go green. Wasn’t debt the point of the current Fiat Financial System?

In any case let’s continue.

He then emphasized that the vision of a green sustainable world would cost trillions (not billions)

I am going to quote him here so you can better understand what he said and where this is all going?

“We would need a vast military-style campaign to marshal the strength of the global private sector.

With trillions at his disposal, far beyond global GDP, and with all due respect, beyond even the governments of the world’s leaders, it offers the only real prospect of achieving fundamental economic transition.”

So who is this” he” who’ll oversee the entire process and receive trillions from private companies? Notice his name was not revealed but that would be telling.

Does Charles know him personally? Or is he referring to himself in the third person; we have to consider all the possibilities don’t you think.

The ‘antichrist’ will present and rise to prominence as a problem solver, an art of the deal type man. He is a King Solomon-esque figure, the world’s wealthiest man who levies a type of global tax and adds to his wealth.

The speech only goes to confirm that heads of state are puppets of those who stand behind them; those with the real power, And shadow governments exist.

Indeed; how else can the ’10 Kings without Kingdoms’ of the Book of Revelation be explained?




I like my narratives uncontrolled, my news media independent and my research teams anonymous

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Cheryl Ann

Cheryl Ann

I like my narratives uncontrolled, my news media independent and my research teams anonymous

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