Decode the Code Speak.

Ann Carriage
2 min readMay 10, 2024

Language is not what it used to be by a long shot. Plain speak has gone out of the window so welcome to code speak.

As the phrase suggests the meaning of words is not what they appear to be so they must be deciphered which takes a bit of work. The topic under review also needs some background knowledge too; so one has to wrestle with it.

You can take it to mean the meanings of words in cases like these do not come easy. This applies double when it is comes to the culture. Or it has to do with politics. We have to know the back stories or we lost.

Some tropes are repeated ad nauseum and there is not so much as a second thought as to what they really mean.

What is behind them we should ask ourselves? Like what are their stories and what is the deal?

Take the canard ‘in the closet’. Do you think about folk who forced to hide themselves from the world? Do you picture people forced to hide under beds? Or maybe some place else? Well, that is a lie and you should have worked this much out by now.

The point being people have always done what they want to. Whether it is the two men openly living together for reasons and you know which one; or the man dressed as a woman in public who likes to pretend he is one.

That they were not the norm is neither here nor there.

That people stare or whisper well that’s the same thing. They would do the same if one appeared naked in public. Or if one was embroiled in some scandal or other. So what!

It is also a lie put out by activists that homosexuals just want to live their lives. It was not anonymity they wanted but recognition. They wanted their taboo right out there; and celebrated by all and sundry. The only difference was in being private or going public. With the private the queer were consigned to a fate worth than death; or so they would have us believe.

The difference between the private and the public lies in politics. While the first has no ability to influence; with the second well, the sky is the limit. And don’t forget that influence is power. Power for the group yes but more than this the power to dictate to others. As in we don’t like what you saying so we need a law to shut you up.

By now the rotten fruits of this special protection read power should be evident.

To the plaintive wail of ‘you just want us to go back to the closet’ spring a surprise and answer it along these lines. Yes that we do.



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