DC and Kiev are Responsible; Says Putin in Address to the Nation.

Ann Carriage
2 min readMar 26, 2024


Update on terror attack on Russia.

Here is what has come to light thus far.

The assassins who carried out the Moscow concert attack were hired by the Embassy of Ukraine in Tajikistan. The embassy then arranged for them to receive training in Istanbul for two months.

A few weeks before the attack was to take place, a message appeared on the website of the Ukrainian diplomatic mission. It was an invite to foreigners to join the International Legion. This was not the stand with Ukraine type thing we see. It was an ad to recruit assassins. It provided contact numbers and people had to either call or write in. The message was removed later on.

Putin is not only focusing on the assassins but on all those who coordinated the attack. It includes those who operate behind them; those in the shadows.

He has said; this crime can only be a link in a chain of attempts, by those who are at war with our country since 2014. He can only be referring to the US deep state.

If you need any help trying to work out what he is referring to here is a clue. It is the 2014 coup in Ukraine carried out by the US State Department slash CIA.

Now we hear that another 3 suspects have been arrested for being behind the Moscow attacks. They are; Isroil Islomov 63, and his two sons Dilovar 25, and Aminchon. So the father’s first name is Israel? Are you kidding me? It looks as if they are all Russian citizens. So where is the ISIS link the west pushed so hard?

An earlier report said eleven people were picked up; so this means a total of 14 are now in custody.

Putin has just gone on national television to tell the Russian people; the terrorist attack is a link in a chain; and it links to Kiev and Washington.

The saga goes on.



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