Climate Change Activists Win Court Ruling in Test Case.

Ann Carriage
2 min readAug 20


It was bound to happen at some stage, it was always just a question of when. Now in a landmark ruling a judge has ruled in favor of activists saying; the State of Montana has violated their rights by ignoring global warning. This is the first win of its kind for climate change activism.

I must point out that the timing is impeccable too. This as the drive to push for climate change policies accelerates; and fires blamed on global warming rage out of control.

True to form the goal of activists who pursued this route is to urge for better climate change laws.

In this action suite the youths claimed Montana’s use of fossil fuels not only contributes to the climate crisis; but harms their health.

The ruling was based on the state’s policy of evaluating fossil fuel permits that don’t provide agencies the right of way to factor in the effects of greenhouse gas emissions. Since Montana’s right to a clean and healthy environment is enshrined in its constitution as per article nine; so it was ruled unconstitutional.

We hear the state is planning to appeal this decision none the less.

During the trial the plaintiffs shared stories of injuries to their person, and the negative impact on their homes, all of which they put down to climate change.

The state ranks sixth in coal production, with about 30 million tons produced annually from 6 mines.

Then there was the claim that to date Montana has never refused a permit for a fossil fuel project.

The trial has been called absurd and a publicity stunt.

Climate change cases have been won in other parts of the world before but were then overturned.



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