Christianity Today; rage of the heathens

No, this is not an essay about the magazine Christianity Today or its articles just a wordplay on its title combining in a fitting description of the war on Christianity in America today.

There has never been a place as precarious as the one the country finds itself in, this is the deciding Battle of the Worldviews also known as The Clash of Civilizations.

Two countries in one about sums up the situation as levels of animosity continually ratchet up to a higher level.

It is a political divide paralleling with a religious or non-religious divide, yes, everyone is angry, but nothing approximates the rage of the heathens.

In a bizarro turn of events non-believers have taken to jumping on the religious bandwagon to lecture and throw scriptures at those ‘noxious’ bible believers to make it look as if out of context ‘quotes’ justifies their political stance, hoping to persuade conservatives to align both sets of their beliefs, political and religious, with something more to their liking.

Seriously, what is going on, is it desperation or something more sinister?

Since the rise of New Atheism, many saw themselves as its keyboard warriors tasked with the important job of de-converting Christian theists.

Now they’ve changed course as they endeavor to steer Christianity into something more in keeping with their own political ideology.

Think Liberation Theology, Socialism or Humanism.

It’s also known that low- level information- trolls are hired by intelligence agencies to throw debates on the internet and influence the gullible not forgetting fanning the flames of dissent.

Yes, there are those who call themselves progressive Christians who prop up the unbelievers ……… but still.

There have always been atheists, although the naturalists or materialists were coherent compared to now, with the current crop towering bundles of rage.

Then there is that verse that poses the timeless question; why do the heathens rage?

Forget about the faux political arguments this hints at something more personal.

Are people offended by the beliefs of Christianity because they don’t like its requirements, but most religions have requirements, so what?

If Christianity’s conditions are too well defined and onerous maybe it’s not for you.

If its metaphysical creeds are an obstacle feel free to walk on by, it is a choice.

To those who view Christianity as not inclusive enough, believers are a diverse bunch universally so it needs to be said to the pack-them-in crowd; beliefs that are exclusive doesn’t pander to inclusivity per say, whatever business-model pastors have led you to think.

It’s been said the Christian message is an offence until it is understood and its critics are offended no more.

By Islam’s standards, anybody on the outside of their belief system is an infidel, to a practicing Jew only they are the chosen people so why are people so offended over Christianity?

Some introspection is necessary although unlikely to happen.

Christianity is the hereditary religion, this we know, as well as the majority one worldwide, but probably won’t be the case in America for too long.

We in a time when radicals want to eradicate this legacy to make it easier to re-make society in its own image, so they have to pull its heritage out by the roots, or at least drastically redefine it for a post-modern 21st century, with the culture wars they won’t admit to starting, just the beginning.

Conservatives only mistake according to pro-change cultural warriors was warning about it and thinking they could somehow change its inevitable political course.

Progressives, by convincing themselves conservatives are nothing but Nazi-like nationalists have managed to tee off traditional liberals, but that’s what extremists do, they’re manipulated just like puppets on a string.

The war has become personal as well with familial ties and friendships on the line. Just read the paragraphs below;

Not long after recently purging his social-media lists of select family members and friends, X wrote this powerful dirge on America’s toxic political moment:

“You may have wondered where I’ve gone. Well, I haven’t gone anywhere, we just won’t be crossing paths on the web anymore because I’ve unfollowed you. I didn’t want to unfollow you. Many of you go way back in my life, some to childhood. Some of you are family. I used to enjoy keeping up with what was going on in your lives through your social media posts. That was before the coup began.

The “coup” which he refers to is; “the once clandestine but now obvious attempt to turn this nation into a Christian nation.

He says he first sensed what was happening when right-wing Christian evangelists displayed an unexplained, oversized loathing of Barack Obama when he became president in 2008, and when the Republican-controlled Senate blocked Obama’s Supreme Court nominee, Merrick Garland, throughout the president’s final year before leaving office.

X’s curious sense turned to dread with Donald Trump elected president in November 2016.

Is this what people are thinking, it appears more like a make-up-as- you-go -along fantasy to justify crappy attitudes and actions?

Do they really understand what constitutes a theocracy or is it just a nice sounding word?

Challenging times lay ahead no question about it.

The Democrat narrative synchronizes with personal anti-Christian biases so expect the raging to continue until conservatives’ surrender, at least that’s what’s bet on.

If not, the raging will go on ad infinitum, until the Twelfth of Never.